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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

White on White Is Chris a racist?

By Christopher R Rice

When I first started posting on the internet my articles were about torture and Americas horrible foreign policy decisions. Go back and take a look. Those articles were hugely successful and I continued to dig deeper and bring you the whole ugly story.

Domestically LE had taken to shoot first and lie later, they also started going after an easy target ie. johns and hookers under the guise of protecting children. So I wrote about LE and how to beat them. And those articles were even more successful.

Then everyone decided it was time to replace the bozo in the White House and have a rigged election. Then every message board, every forum and every comment section became infested with white nationalist comments.

I hadn't even made LE a racial issue because the cops were killing everyone black, white or brown, they didn't care. So unlike other writers I avoided race baiting.

But the comments all across the internet and even in real life just got worse until whites were openly challenging poor people riding on a bus or train or plane and anyone defending them got stabbed and murdered.

Somewhere along the way I decided to do like I always do and publish the truth. The white nationalist were claiming that blacks were the reason for all crime in America. So I published the FBI stats that say whites commit 3 times the amount of crime that blacks commit. How whites commit more heinous crimes than blacks do. Then the white nationalist claimed that all blacks are rapist so I published how white men have systematically been raping all women since the white man got here and if you don't believe me you can always ask Thomas Jefferson's black daughter, Sally.

For my hard work I'm being boycotted and called a racist or self hating white or whatever. And Google is removing my 3 three blogs and YouTube account. I personally don't care what you think abut me because this was never about me it's always been about you.

But since you have decided to attack me I have started posting articles on how to break into homes, how to GTA, how to make pipe bombs/crystal meth and much more. And I'm now going to write exclusively for your children and I'm going expose all the lies that you have told them. And then I'll give them the tools to bring about justice to an unjust world. Home invasion baby, I'm here to steal your kids.

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