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Monday, July 3, 2017

Warning Christians in the area

By Christopher R Rice

Growing up as a white male Christian in America I was taught to hate the blacks, the Latinos, the Jews and now the Muslims. Christ is all about hate. Christians are all haters that firebomb churches and lynch woman and children. White Christians forced blacks to America because they were too lazy to bring in their own crops and too stingy to pay for an honest days work. When slavery became too expensive white Christian Americans invited over the Chinese and the Latinos to bring in their crops because white people were too lazy. But whites are also dishonest and refuse to pay for an honest days labor, keeping all of the profits for themselves because they are stingy and want to use their wealth against you. Since white Christians won't pay you for your work it has forced many onto government assistance or crime which the white Christians then use to hold over you and shame you with. 

Christ teaches in the Holy Bible to waterboard thy enemies and to kill homosexuals. The Bible is an evil disgusting book full of hate and sexism. Christians are into torture and sexual humiliation of their enemies. Christians drown and burn people they claim are witches. Christians do not tolerate any other religion and will torture and kill anyone who is not a practicing Christian. Have you ever seen anyone get elected that wasn't an alleged practicing Christian, Mr. Romney?

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