Religious Persecution American Style

 By Christopher R Rice

Whitney Webb: In the United States, religion is a major part of public life – so much so that it often finds its way into politics. At the national level of politics, it has historically been difficult to win an election, particularly at the national or state level, if one follows a faith not shared by the vast majority of religious Americans: Christianity.

This phenomenon became even more pronounced following the rise of the “moral majority” in the 1980s.

My whole life everyone that could put me down for the music I listen to, for the length or style of my hair, the clothes I wear, judged everywhere I go. Free, it don't feel like freedom to me, feels more like slavery. Conform or what some redneck will put his hands on me. Beat everyone until they conform no wonder America needs a closet, free who the fuck you kidding? FUCK AMERICA!

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