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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Protesters at G-20 Meeting in Hamburg: 'Welcome to Hell'

Authorities are concerned about potential violence in Hamburg, Germany, after a "G-20: Welcome to Hell" demonstration against the Group of 20 summit led German police to use pepper spray and water cannons on a group of about 1,000 protesters, CBS reported.

Police expect up to 100,000 protesters in the city for the summit.

Hamburg increased its police presence ahead of the G-20 meeting that has brought President Trump and other world leaders to the city. 20,000 officers are patrolling the streets, skies and waterways.

The demonstrators gathered at a riverside plaza before marching through the city with banners. Police fired water cannons after protesters dressed in black and wearing masks threw bottles and refused to show their faces.

G20 Welcome to hell

When the heads of government of the world’s 20 most powerful countries are arriving on 6 July and the assembled world media are waiting for news from the crisis zone around Hamburg’s exhibition halls, we’ll be already in the streets.

We are mobilizing internationally to turn Hamburg into a location and an exclamation mark of resistance against old and new authorities.

Summits like G20 and institutions like IMF, WTO or the World Bank being instruments of peace, human rights or climate policies is one of the great lies and illusions of the powers-that-be.

It’s up to us to open a new page and new resistance.

We are living in a time of rising nationalism and hate towards minorities. Programs against refugees and other population groups beyond majority, attacks on homosexual, trans* or inter* people as well as the significance of fanaticism of whatever persuasion are increasing dramatically.

G20 resistance is supposed to focus on these inter-dependencies on a local and global scale and to develop mutual relations and resistant practices. We are going to oppose oppression, exploitation and exclusion with collectivity and solidarity.

Organize yourselves, be creative and contribute vociferously, angrily and powerfully to the international demonstration on 6 July. Let this demonstration be a first expression of our resistance and our unconciliatory antagonism towards the prevailing conditions.

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