US Troops are getting Slaughtered in Syria

By Christopher R Rice

May 11 2017 Underground Newz: The objective President Trump envisions using the U.S. military, in conjunction with the State Department, to establish and protect refugee camps in Syria and neighboring countries, according to a draft executive order.

The objective is to establish "safe zones" — both inside Syria and in neighboring countries — that will be used to "protect vulnerable Syrian populations" while they "await firm settlement" either elsewhere in Syria or in other countries.

Observers have suggested that establishing the type of safe zones Trump is proposing could require tens of thousands of American troops, possibly drawing the U.S. into another extended overseas military conflict.

A September poll of 2,200 active-duty troops found that about 55 percent said they "strongly oppose" or "somewhat oppose" such efforts.

Trump himself said in October that his then-political rival's plan for resolving the Syrian conflict, which included establishing no-fly zones and safe zones, would "lead to World War III." He used the same logic many experts are now using to express skepticism about his own plan.

Syria's six year civil war has forced more than 11 million people to uproot, according to recent estimates. The problem with this strategy is that the only "refugees" left in Syria are terrorists, that have been trained and funded by NATO.

And another problem is that the US military does not want to fight in another countries civil-war, nor do they have any legal authority to be there.

So I published: Urgent Stop World War III Here's how..

The military industrial complex wants to partition off Iraq and Syria. They plan now is to use the US military to protect the CIA's ISIS fighters and call them refugees. ISIS will be given control over a large swath of Iraq and Syria to rape and plunder and is / will be protected and guarded by US troops.

ISIS was getting slaughtered by Russia so the US all of a sudden wants to protect "refugees" with safe zones. The only refugees the US is protecting is ISIS.

The US is expecting blow back so they arrested two people in Dearborn, Michigan last week and accused them of planning terrorist activities. You can read more here:

But your time is up. You had a small window of opportunity and you blew it. All you had to do is pick up a phone and make the call. Get your friends and family to call and tell your reps to bring the troops home and put America first. But now you must send your children to Syria and wait for the body bags. Why didn't you just call? I really hate you and I want you to stay off of my blog from now on. You disgust me, get off my blog and don't come back, you suck.

If I'm going to write, produce and publish I don't think that I ask that much from you. And while I may not be able to take the time to explain the strategy or everything that is taking place, if I bother to ask your lame ass for anything at all, I expect something from you, I don't suppose you will jump but if I can not rely on you for anything at all than you need to leave.

I've already banned Reddit from my blog for the same reason, I have no probs with banning Twitter from my blog too. Either help with the load or go be a do nothing somewhere else, I do not need you.

As it turns out this blog is NOT powered by dead weight. No dead weight is required to operate this blog. 


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