Trump told Arab leaders he was "not here to lecture" them about human rights

By Christopher R Rice

Amazing how Trump cozies up to Muslim kings and dictators, loves Russia and China and throws shade at the democracies, it's quite obvious what type of government the Cheetos would love to have.

Bannon and Miller are under Mercers' influence. Mercers are Trump's major donor and controls all his policies and advisers.

He really believes he can run the country, and the world, all by his little ol' self...what a loser. No wonder he had 6 bankruptcies and had to get bailed out by Russia and China.

The real story is the military industrial complex. Ronald Reagan could've overthrown Libya but he needed enemies to whip the country back into military spending after the Vietnam fiasco. Reagan needed military spending because Reagan was going to ship American industries overseas, or at least he was going to change the tax code so his corporate financiers could profit from shutting down US plants and moving them overseas to slave labor. Meaning America's only product would be WMD or the companies to service them. This continued right up to Obama who was sent to end the wars, by the people. At first glance one would assume that Obama failed miserably since he never closed Gitmo, never got us out of Iraq or out of Afghanistan and entered into wars in the Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Yemen. But that's not the whole story. Obamacare was going to start eating up the federal budget but where was that money to come from? Defense spending was going to shrink. First Americans were given a dangerous diet brought to us by the US farm bill of the last 50 plus years making Americans the most unhealthiest people on the planet. Then came free insurance, ObamaCare and who would pay? The government, just like defense spending but the new domestic product would be healthcare instead of WMD.

When the military industrial complex saw the new budget guess what? Enter The Donald, repeal ObamaCare and restore defense spending to previous levels. Back to the old fraudulent Wall St. wars because we all know that Crooked Hillary was going to increase funding for ObamaCare, so to the military industrial complex she had to go. This whole circus that we are all now witnessing is a military coup. The presidential elections of 2016 were rigged and Donald Trump is Not my President.

Trump who was also sent by the people to end the wars, protect the borders and put America first decided that first was war with Syria then it was onto Afghanistan. Now it looks like North Korea will be next because the military industrial complex has a lot of new toys they're dying to try out. Basically Trump will make the world a much more dangerous place if someone doesn't stop him.

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