Trump 'softness without borders' toilet paper to be sold in Mexico


A Mexican businessman is introducing Donald Trump toilet paper in response to the President's controversial remarks about the country.

Corporate lawyer Antonio Battaglia designed the toilet paper because he was "really bothered" by Trump's description of Mexicans as "rapists" and "drug dealers".

The president has promised to build a wall along the Mexican-US border and has accused America's neighbour of exporting "bad hombres".

"My thinking was: We can't keep quiet, right?" Battaglia told the Associated Press (AP). "So with this insult that was made, [I figured] I'm going to add my grain of sand in response."

The toilet rolls will be marketed under the slogan 'soften without borders' and 'this is the wall, that, yes, we will pay for'. The packaging features a beaming cartoon character with Trump's iconic blonde quiff flashing a thumbs up.

The Trump Organization holds trademarks on the Trump name in sectors such as real estate, construction, tourism, hotels and financial services, but failed to cover what is referred to as "hygienic paper" in Spanish. Battaglia secured a trademark for Trump toilet paper in 2015.

He has signed a contract for a small initial run worth around $21,400 (£16,700), enough toilet paper to fill two cargo trucks. Battaglia hopes to create enough demand to expand production, he told AP. 

Packages will roll off production lines later this year.

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