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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Trump Puts Syria First and America Last

By Christopher R Rice

The Russians have supported Assad and the legal ruling government. They are also battling ISIS but Sharia Law doesn't seem to be of import to them. They protect Christians and support a more secular society than would most Middle Eastern countries.

US is flying air cover for Al Qaeda in violation of international law. Any presence of US military in Syrian territory without a UN resolution is in violation of international law.

America always asks other countries to abide by international laws but Syrian warplanes were shot down by American air fighters inside Syrian territory! So American laws are international laws, right?

Where is our "right" to shoot down Syrian jets in their own airspace? Why on earth would we shoot down a Syrian jet that is bombing ISIS? What a stupid excuse that this jet bombed near coalition forces so we shot it down. Absolutely reckless.

That means US warplanes will start treating missile-defense systems as targets. For every reaction there's a counter reaction.

It's starting folks. I suggest you all stop pretending that the US is fighting the good battle and start building your bunkers.

ISIS is almost finished, US should leave Syria. Why is the USA over there? Who the hell invited US anyway? (Oh yeah, it was the ISIS terrorist that the US created, trained, armed and funded in the first place.)

I never thought I would see the day when I would support Russian forces over American or NATO but that day arrived a few months back. It makes you wonder what the US is up to in Syria. They seem to prefer making friends with Muslim terrorists than they do keeping an important country like Russia on our side.

Be sure to have at least three feet of compacted earth on top of your fallout shelter. Have enough food and water for all occupants for two weeks minimum but food, water and medicines for all occupants for two years helps your survival post emergence from the shelter. Have plenty of weapons and ammunition to defend yourself from the marauding hordes that will be roaming looking to take it from you.

This is like two bros who don't really have a problem with each other but are fighting over some dumb worthless #$%$. And the military industrial complex cheers!

Looking at a map, I see there just isn't that much mileage difference between Damascus and Armageddon. Today's battle tanks could make it about 3 hours or less. A jet in under 10 minutes, and a supersonic missile in under a minute. If Russia shoots one of ours down, and we take out their missile batteries, the next step scares the hell out of people who just want to live.

And remember, it's the same Congress you voted for that is influenced by the same lobbyists, many prior military, that pursue such disasters just for profit. I guess the Capitol Hill apes are craving for blood and war. America's actions are nothing more than criminal aggression against a sovereign nation.

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