The facts are in and you're an idiot. You continue to vote in these 'law and order' assholes and you've managed to turn the greatest country on the planet into a zoo. While the politicians, pharmaceutical CEOs, Big Oil and Wall Street bankers laugh all the way to their offshore bank accounts.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Third Term: Obama Won't Leave, Declares Martial Law

By Christopher R Rice

Remember this one: "Obama's comin' for our guns." But not as funny as this headline: 

President Obama, martial law and not leaving the White House in 2016

Right wing racist non sense is everywhere. And you know who's dumb enough to buy these lies? Americans eat this garbage up. It's facts that Americans can't be bothered by.

Remember Jade Helm? FEMA camps and little green men in flying tea cups? And don't forget the tin foil hats they're always sold out at every Republican convention, this is democracy in action. Deplorables and Snowflakes, a military coup that came to eat the peace dividend. 

The American way is if you can't win your argument with facts, just make stuff up. But really this isn't funny. When Americans formed the Tea Party and attacked Obama but claimed that they were not racist, it was almost plausible but then you elected Donald Duck and started random attacks on anyone that wasn't white. Now you're bullshit is a little bit harder to swallow. When your candidate is supported by the Klu Klux Klan it might be time to find someone else to vote for.

But facts don't bother Americans. And just because I take issue with a racist pedophile and admitted womanizer for president is in no way an endorsement for Crooked Hillary. Please don't get it twisted. 

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