The facts are in and you're an idiot. You continue to vote in these 'law and order' assholes and you've managed to turn the greatest country on the planet into a zoo. While the politicians, pharmaceutical CEOs, Big Oil and Wall Street bankers laugh all the way to their offshore bank accounts.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The REAL Reason Israel Attacked Syria

By StormCloudsGathering

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Oil Reserves by Country:

Timeline of Israel attacks:

Senate resolution to follow Israel into war:

Israeli leaders call for preemptive nuclear strikes on Iran:

Obama's "red line talk":

Rebels used poison gas:
Strikes on Damascus:

Israel says it was targeting arms headed to Hezbollah:

Hezbollah was about to start helping Syria in the fight:

Russia opposes arming militants in Syria:

Russia warns Syria/Iran Crisis may go nuclear:

UK Quatar plot to frame Syria for Chemical weapons:

The Road to World War 3

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