The "new future movement"

The "new future movement" people are finding excuses for inaction, because their Official Doctrine posits that until this "new future doctrine" arrives, they should do nothing except what gratifies them personally. Clearly, they're even stupider than the "White Nationalists," but it's by a hair. I don't need to mention here that "liberals" and "conservatives" don't even make it to the stupid-smart scale, because for them, ideology is a question of self-image and purchasing power, which makes them products of the current society and unable to see beyond it.

Yes, our world civilization is collapsing. It's not peak oil, or global warming, or nuclear weapons that will do us in; those are symptoms of a greedy, neurotic, oblivious society run out of control, much as a dirty house and disorganized life as symptoms of personal degeneracy. The solution is not to try to find a more aggressive politic in the style of what is already known, but to work outside of the confines of narrow social definition and to assert the commonsense moral values that made civilizations in the past great.

We don't need anything new. We need to stop avoiding the problem, and fix it: our values are garbage, and they are that way because in our rush to find convenience through the implements of society, we have stopped valuing self-discipline. One symptom of this, Christianity, encouraged us to think of the world in binary good/evil terms, borrowing from a perfect world for validation of these, and this has in turn made people slaves to an emotional flight toward good and from evil, wherever they can find these. And leaving ignorant people to their own devices to find absolute "good" and "evil"? Comedy results.

The environment rots, we serve in mindless and unnecessary bureacratic jobs, our sexual and breeding habits are slovenly, and we live by convenience and money alone - we have no values system because it offends our self-image as independent, "free," etc. to do so. And thus we construct our own prison.

Until we fix our values and get moving to fix civilization, the doom of the human race, and humanity, will continue its inexorable march toward us while we sit paralyzed by our inability to think outside of the prison that constrains us. You cannot make a better version of the prison, but must escape it before the clock runs out and death finds you helpless - and feasts. No matter what our brave and violent rhetoric, if we allow this to kill us, it is justice and a chance for a better species to take hold.

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