Strategy behind Bring the Pain

By Christopher R Rice

There are a lot of battles being fought. But I'd like you, for the purpose of this article to focus on two battles. One battle is for the 'control of information', the other battle we're focusing on in this article is called 'public opinion'.

Have you ever wondered why - if the object is to educate the population then why is it a college textbook cost 2 to 3 hundred dollars a piece.

This type of arrangement for information guarantees that a certain segment of our society will never be able to afford to move up the economic latter. While those who can afford knowledge or college are guaranteed certain luxuries within our society that the rest of us can only dream of.

To combat the battle for information I published Leaked College Textbooks where you can download the same textbook that would've cost 2 or 3 hundred dollars for free.

The battle for public opinion is very important to the powers that be as they can not obtain their unlawful goals without it. To combat them I published the Underground, each page is packed with video, documentation, impeccable sources and links for further reading / research.

Whenever you do battle with the government you must understand that the truth does not matter to your opponents. This gives you the opportunity to take the high road and be honest. If your cause is just, the truth will be on your side.

Even though the media is owned by rich and powerful men they can not ignore public opinion. We've proved this time and time again. There have been so many issues that the main stream media refused to cover because it hurt their advertisers but we forced their hand.

How did we do it? We kept getting the truth out, even before they had computers or faxes or even copy machines. Why? Because the truth is powerful and yes, it really is that easy. The same is true for Congress, the Senate and even the White House.

We, you and I have the power, we no longer need to allow them to control the flow of information.

So how do we wield this power effectively?

We already know what their plans are because they told us. Such as ramping up the drug war, filling up private prisons, torture, sending Americans to Gitmo, taking down seven Muslim countries - and as they prepare for each of these battles, what will they do? They will try to create public opinion in their favor because without it they can not achieve their unlawful goals. We, you and me have a small window of opportunity from which to become the loudest voice in the room.


By simply re-posting the truth. If we flood the internet with pro-weed, anti-incarceration, pro-Syria, pro-Iran articles and videos, we can paralyze them and even stop them.

What I need you to learn and  prepare for is the knowledge that winning a battle does not win a war. And while we should mark and celebrate our victories we must also remember to keep up the good fight.

Our enemies are powerful and resolute and if by some miracle enough of you do happen to participate and we do stop them, they will come back and they will try again - just as soon as they think you are not staying informed and vigilant.

Below are some articles that you can re-post but you do not need to use these - you can also dig up your own favorites and post them to your social media accounts - and it won't cost you a dime! It's like throwing a monkey wrench in between the spokes of their plans. Let's make some noise and not go down without a fight.

PS. I will not always have the luxury to explain my strategies because in doing so we warn our opponent of our plans.

BECOME YOUR OWN MEDIA re-post these articles to Twitter, Facebook, etc. Thank you for your participation.

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