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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sessions Lies

By Christopher R Rice

Like we haven't heard enough of "I have no recollection of that", "I don't recall" or "I'm not authorized to say." We know for a fact Sessions has already lied under oath, what is to stop him from lying again.

Why do the Trump supporters always bring up President Obama, Hillary or Bill Clinton when Trump is at issue?

Dear Sessions, stop protecting Trump. Just tell the truth! Will the witness please remove his white hood and white robe and raise his right hand?

Hey ya'll. I'm Jeff Sessions, I have no recollection of anything that ever happens around me. I'm just a slow talking southerner, it's hard for me to remember anything because the southern heat has smelted my brains.

If his memory is so bad, maybe AG isn't the proper job for him. Funny how Sessions can recall names, dates and times down to the minute for some events but pulls a total blank on whether he met with any Russians at other events.

Protecting someone who has committed treason is committing treason. Any other time in history and Sessions would already be in jail for perjury and lying to Congress. Sessions has proven he will lie under oath. This man can not be trusted even with one hand on a stack of Bibles, how much clearer can I make this?

This is all a dog and pony show until Mueller starts the subpoenas and these bootlickers have to testify under oath with criminal charges of perjury and treason hanging over their heads. Is the Dear Leader worthy of life in prison?

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