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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Open Civil War

By Christopher R Rice

It is not terrorist that lawmakers have to fear but angry voters. Today the GOP was attacked during a practice baseball game. Tomorrow it might be an attack on a golf course, who knows. I'm not here to praise the police response or offer my condolences because I'm not sad by these events. I think that they are long overdue.

We are told over and over again that violence is not the answer to which I reply, bring the troops home. If they really believe that violence is not the answer they sure are hypocrites, aren't they? Didn't I just report on a huge increase in military spending? What else do they tell us? They like to tell us that we live in a free country and can take our issues through peaceful means but how effective are those peaceful means?

Have you ever tried to fight City Hall? Or get a pot hole fixed? Or tried to get a crossing guard? Have you been going through "red-tape"? Piles of paper work? Or have you done all of that and been waiting years for a response? Hum, maybe that pot hole will be fixed when your grand children have kids. Maybe not.

Can you imagine the unbearable torture growing up in America following all the rules believing the lies that you're free and we live in a representative government and then after working your whole life, paying your taxes and through no fault of your own become injured and can no longer work and are now dependent on the US government? Just ask a veteran how well the government takes care of it's own or how professional and efficiently run the VA system is.

If you don't want people to 'snap' and go postal you would give people something better than just town hall meetings with our reps. Instead lobbyist have had lunch with my rep 365 days a year for the last 35 plus years and yet my rep has never had lunch with me once, not once!

Don't believe me? Wasn't a lobbyist for Tyson Foods shot? What the fuck was a lobbyist doing at a baseball practice for congress? I'm fucking waiting, does he live in my reps pocket?

Violence is the only real way that we the people can get your attention. Personally I'm pissed. I know that the Democrats and the Republicans are crooks and criminals. I've backed this claim up at with impeccable sources, documentation, video and photo evidence. And if it was up to me both houses would be given a fair and speedy trial just like the one that Saddam Hussein got.

"Why do we have a Second Amendment? It's not to shoot deer. It's to shoot at the government when it becomes tyrannical!" Rand Paul

But since I have no power in America like everyone else, accept the top 1 percent, I know that a sniper is sitting on a golf course waiting for the president to show up for another round. Because it's not the terrorist the politicians need to fear it is angry American voters they need to fear.

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