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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

NATO Is A Terrorist Organization


NATO is A Terrorist Organization, creating war so profit can be acquired and the people of the west can be forced into a state of constant fear and loathing so the hierarchy can maintain the status quo of slavery over the populace, keeping the people off balance and in a state of indifference.

Fear is the main objective of government they are the most violent and abusive of institutions, every action is forged to undermine our life's.

Governments are quite simply criminal organizations, organized and directed by the elites. People however are so indoctrinated and in some cases willfully ignorant of their conditioning to this game, which ensures the positions of the elite families themselves and that of their serfs who knowingly serve them.

The SuperRich believe that the elite families of the world right to rule is governed by their divine bloodline, which was bestowed by the gods, those who created the elite families.

We, you and I have been living in a prison designed to ensure our servitude to these demi-gods, as they see themselves.

However this history and knowledge is the driven force of their mentality and once we understand how they view the world the way they do and why it starts to become clear why they perpetuate such barbaric acts.

Why do you think the west wants domain of the whole world, under the flag of democracy? These ideals are used to perpetuate the demi gods desire to rule over all.

Do you not find it strange how Joe public can be sent to jail for owing a small amount of tax, but the elites can avoid billions, corporations too, and they might receive a fine at best.

A day to day addict can be put in jail, a celebratory of the right bloodline will be placed in rehab.

The contradictions are endless and are so because of history and understanding which are perpetuated by secret societies.

Modern democracy, western politics and western religion is without doubt the most vile constructs of history propagated by this cabal, this elite.

I do not care for politics or religion. I stand alone, and seek only truth as I see it, to understand where I have come from and why this world is the way it is.

We are slaughtering millions of people every year for a belief system and agenda which is not ours. Our sons and daughters blood is given in sacrifice generation after generation.

Our government is blood thirsty, ruthless, indifferent to life and psychopathic as is those who direct them.

They share the same forums, schools, secret societies, and so on. So the hypocrisy of government as some see it, is not hypocrisy at all.

Our morality is not theirs and their interests are not ours, clear to see. They merely pacify us with the illusion of decency and morality.

I hope this post will help you with your understanding of world events; why government works the way they do, for it is far more than greed, beyond the level of government at least, it is a game of total control derived from an ancient belief which stems back to our beginnings and will drive us forward to our ends.

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