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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Send every single pedophile to Gitmo for indefinite detention

By Christopher R Rice

I was born in Oahu, Hawaii in 1966 on an air force base and I grew up in Gardena, Ca. Boys in America have a completely different experience growing up in America than girls do. As a boy I had Superman to emulate and all he wanted to do was to save the world from the bad guys. I also had Batman to emulate and all he wanted to do was to save his city, Gotham, from the bad guys.

I did not realize as a child that the television was my electronic babysitter or that my parents weren't as rich as some of their friends. I also watched Adam-12 and Dragnet. These guys were my heroes and all they wanted to do was to save their cities from the bad guys. When I reached my teens I was informed who these bad guys really are. As a teenager growing up in America I was told the bad guys are the blacks, the Mexicans, the Jews, the Indians, the Communist and the terrorist. You also learn that Superman and Batman are not real and it's now in your hands to save the world, to save your city from these bad guys.

So you put on a sheet, you burn some crosses and beat up people who are smaller than you. The weak and the easy targets. And you feel really good about yourself because you're saving the world. I'm not making this up, this is how I spent my teens.

As a child growing up there's this pride that swells up in your throat and forms a knot to the point that you almost can't breathe. You learn later in life if you're lucky that this is called Nationalism. And that it was brainwashed into you. If you're lucky when you grow up you learn that America is not the good guy, that America has lied cheated and stole from everyone including you. If you're lucky you figure out that America is like the husband who kisses his wife on his way to work, tells her he loves her and she's the only one and then goes to his Mistress and tells her the same damn thing.

If you're lucky you've figured this out, if not you're still cleaning the house for when Mr. America comes home. You're still living in Superman and Batman land. And unfortunately that's where most Americans live their whole meaningless lives.

Most Americans never grow up, never see reality but think that they know it all. They really believe that they are free, they never figure out that they are only free if they play by the rules. The minute they deviate from those rules they lose their freedom. Take freedom of speech, what good is it if you can lose your job over that very speech. Even if it is not government retaliation what good is free speech if you are blacklisted and can't work, can't feed yourself or keep a roof over your head?

If the government is not there to protect your rights than what good are they?

So America is like a fancy restaurant you keep hearing all this hype about, you even need to be put on a waiting list to make a reservation and when you get in you still have to wait an hour to be seated. And then when the food does arrive it's nothing like what you ordered but your still billed and you're told if you don't like it guess what? You can get the fuck out - right?

That's what America is to me, a lot of hype.

Girls don't have the same experiences growing up in America. My wife was raped at age three by her babysitter and then again at age eight by her moms boyfriend and some of his friends.

Girls are taught to be devious and dishonest that to get a guy to marry you first you must trick him and tell him you're pregnant, even if you're not pregnant.

When I met my wife she told me she wouldn't hang out with other females because they're all back stabbers.

Girls are also taught that they must claw their way to the top and even if they work as hard as a man they will still be paid less. Girls are also taught that to get ahead they need to show some cleavage or some leg because the girls that don't won't get a date or the interview or the job.

Next thing girls learn about in America is the casting couch. To get a job in America women are expected to put out or get out.

My wife is not the only woman I know to have these experiences in America. I'd say about 10 out of 10 women that I've met in my life have all had similar experiences and some much worse.

At this point you begin to realize that you are out numbered and out gunned and your real enemy, the real bad guys are your neighbors, your bosses, the guy driving next to you, your priest.

If a rape occurs every two minutes in America as they claim then the real bad guys are Americans and now you're no longer fighting the blacks or the Latinos or the Jews or the Commies or terrorist. You're now fighting everyone, a good soldier doesn't just follow orders. A good soldier must be willing to fight the enemy no matter what uniform that enemy is wearing. If you look in the mirror and find the enemy looking back at you, you still must fight and do what is right.

America is being ruled by a rich elite class that has stripped away the freedom and liberty of the working man. Americans have lost their freedom. Only the rich are free in this country, everyone else is subject to the law and it will be enforced brutally. The smallest infraction of the law will be met with the harshest penalties available according to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. From now on Americans will be allowed to go to work and pay their bills and get drunk on the weekends. Any deviation will be punished with extreme prejudice.

America attacked Iraq for no reason, it wasn't Russia, or the communist, or the terrorist, it was America. America attacked Vietnam for no reason. Used torture in Vietnam, tiger cages and chemical warfare like Agent Orange.

America did the same thing in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gutmo. America tortured women and children, don't believe me? Look it up Superman, you've got a search engine on your computer too don't you?

See, I'm still wearing a kitchen towel around my neck. I've got 3 blogs and a website to expose the bad guys and teach America how to be free. Too bad everyone thinks that they know it all.

My ads have made me no money, I receive zero donations and no one reads my website. So I put some porn and hookers on my website and now I get hits and money, God Bless America and big boobies. Because if you want to make it in America just show some cleavage or leg right? That's the real American way girls and welcome to the mother fucking Underground.

As an adult I found out that even my priest is a rapist, a pedophile, a crook, a liar and a thief. And as an adult living in America I've been forced to hear other adult American men explain how kids ask for it or that they like it. What kind of sick fucked up society is America?

If you go up to and type in your zip code you will find out that you are surrounded by pedophiles, they live right next door.

For all of you sicko Americans let me explain and be very clear- my wife at three years old was not asking for it nor did she enjoy it. Not at three years old and not at eight years old. Just the opposite, physically she was so damaged that she could never carry a child to term. Mentally she had to be put on psych meds as a teenager and still requires them to this day. And all she ever dreams of is running into you in your old age so that she can kill you, slowly and painfully.

They took her rapist to court but he got off on a technicality, so what good is the law?

You destroyed this young innocent child's life so that you could get a nut, you're a sick fuck.

I'll tell you who the real terrorist are, it's not Al-Qaeda, I've nothing to fear from ISIS. No the real terrorist are the pedophiles that live all around us.

The real terrorist are child rapist and they should be treated just like terrorist and sent to Gitmo for indefinite detention.

Cops could win the support of every community in America if they'd stop attacking the blacks, the browns, the Jews and would beat up pedophiles instead. If I caught a cop beating the shit out of a pedophile I'd turn my camera off and tell everyone else to do the same.

Everyone I know would support police brutality, hell we'd demand it. Not only that if a cop said that he thought a pedophile was reaching for something and the cop had to kill the pedophile but he wasn't actually reaching for a weapon no one I know would care. It wouldn't even be newsworthy. And no charges should be brought against the officer as long as the victim is a pedophile.

If this appeals to LE there are plenty of pedophiles out there. And all you have to do is realize that the blacks, the browns and the Jews are not the enemy anymore, rules change, roll with it.

Your new enemy and only enemy from now on are pedophiles There is nothing worse on this planet than a grown man that needs a baby to get him off.

Call your congress members and Senators and demand that if Gitmo is to remain open that we send every single pedophile to Gitmo for indefinite detention.

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