Madison Avenue and Abu Ghraib

By Christopher R Rice

See torture photos here:

It's been over a decade since George W. Bush claimed that torture was only done by a few bad apples and then Vice President Cheney went on national television bragging about anal feeding and other such horrors that he said he would like to repeat. But there's still one story that has never been told.

London-based PR firm Bell Pottinger, has a long list of unsavory clients including Saudi Arabia, General Pinochet, and now the CIA too.

This contract was signed off by the White House and General David Petraeus, which is particularly interesting when considering that the firm was also paid to created fake Al-Qaeda propaganda videos, which were then planted by the military in homes they raided.

The Military Industrial Complex paid a marketing company- Bell Pottinger, to design the torture photos from Abu Ghraib to be used as recruitment tools for creating Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Dick Cheney feared that if Iraq was another three day war like Desert Storm then Bush would have to deliver on the promised "Peace Dividend" from winning the cold war. But this also meant that defense contractors would be laying off, cutting back and even folding up and going out of business. Including Cheney's former employer Halliburton. 

Unwilling to switch to a peace time economy and deliver on the peace dividend, Dick Cheney and General Petraeus hired a slick ad company to design recruitment posters for Al-Qaeda in Iraq. First the US Army would torture innocent Iraq families, woman and children because the way to get people to lie is to torture them, then they will say anything. Next was to film this torture and show it on Arab television. See video below from former US Army interrogator:

Dick Cheney says that torturing detainees has saved American lives. That claim is patently false. Cheney's torture policy was directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of American servicemen and women.

Matthew Alexander was the senior military interrogator for the task force that tracked down Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq and, at the time, a higher priority target than Osama bin Laden. Mr. Alexander has personally conducted hundreds of interrogations and supervised over a thousand of them.

"Torture does not save lives. Torture costs us lives," Mr. Alexander said in an exclusive interview at Brave New Studios. "And the reason why is that our enemies use it, number one, as a recruiting tool...These same foreign fighters who came to Iraq to fight because of torture and abuse....literally cost us hundreds if not thousands of American lives."

What Bush and company didn't want was Americans to know that the US was invading a peaceful sovereign nation. Bush and company didn't want a war that would be over, ever. The military industrial complex saw 9/11 as the only ticket for the future. As the one and only way to replace the cold war with something lasting and extremely profitable. And the war profiteering orgy couldn't begin without someone to fight, without an enemy.

And if Afghanistan was defeated in three days like Iraq had been during Desert Storm or if Osama Bin Laden was caught the party would be over and even Petraeus would find himself out of work.

Donald Rumsfeld personally supervised and directed troops how to pose with corpses and what poses to use.

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