Free to be Slaves

By Christopher R Rice

The facts are in and you're an idiot. You continue to vote in these 'law and order' assholes and you've managed to turn the greatest country on the planet into a zoo. While the politicians, pharmaceutical CEOs, Big Oil and Wall Street bankers laugh all the way to their offshore bank accounts.

I've been at this now for 35 years with mixed results. It's hard to tell where you're at from day to day. One day you're lined up eagerly at the dummy booth to vote for a crook, a criminal or a charlatan. And the next day you're shooting up the Congressional baseball team.

Angers great, you should be fuming. But you really need to find more effective ways to channel your anger. This is a problem for you since you are a mere slave and you don't have any real say or any way to really change things. So you keep lining up like trained seals at the dummy booth hoping someone else will bring the change you crave so you can stop being a slave and living in slavery.

I know you don't believe that you are a slave, you're free, right? That's why you have no say so, right? Trump gave a speech after the shooting and he said that the swamp people are patriots and are there because they only want to serve their country, right? So let me ask you something, why was a lobbyist for Tyson foods at the Congressional practice baseball game? How many other lobbyist were there? Is this how patriotism and serving your country really look?

So if we really have no say in how things are run, how free are we, really? A slave could at least run away, we have nowhere to run to. Have you ever examined your own freedom? You are free to live in a drug infested, crime ridden neighborhood because you can not afford to live anywhere else. Right? You are also free to send your children to substandard schools that rank 29th out of 33 industrialized nations because you can not afford private schools. Right?

You can also drag your ass out of bed before the crack of dawn each and every morning and hurry off to work because you have rent or a mortgage and bills to pay. You are free to work at a dead end job with dwindling benefits and shrinking pensions while the CEOs keep the bulk of the profits. You're free to accept longer hours for less pay. Because if you don't, what happens? You will be kicked out in the streets for non-payment, right?

There are really only two choices in America, play by their rules or go live in the streets. The government has a lot of rules that change constantly but you are suppose to know all of them because if you break one you will be held accountable, so you better learn them all and remember them all. Or else.

That may not be enough though because according to the Innocence Project that has freed thousands of prisoners through DNA evidence points to studies which suggest there are about 100,000 people in US jails who are innocent of any crime. So sometimes even your innocence can not protect you. And if you can not afford a good attorney or bail they will take your supposed alleged freedom away from you and lock you in a cage.

It gets worse because the government says that half of all of the reported rapes committed in their cages were committed by the prison guards. And that is only one of the tortures and horrors that you will experience in an American jail. Like I said it only gets worse.

On the flip side, you are free to grope, harass and rape if you are rich. Because you can pay off a juror or a judge and have a mistrial declared or a deadlock jury. You can also pay off the DA to lessen or drop the charges. Call a grand jury and keep the evidence hidden. If you're rich you can bail out of their cages. If you're rich you can get other people to work for you and keep the bulk of the profits and if your employees complain simply threaten to close up shop and move overseas.

Poor people are free to beg and grovel for a raise. But if you go on strike you will pry be fired. You're free to take a lunch break but don't be late or you'll be docked. You're also free to take a drug test that the CEOs don't have to or you will get fired. Right? Am I fucking right or what? Congress passes bills worth millions of dollars, has our lives in their hands and yet they don't have to take a drug test but the guy at the filing station must be drug tested, right?

You know that I am right and you are not free, you are a slave. You have no say at all in anything.

Now we come to the question do you really want to be free? Because freedom comes with a lot of responsibility that you are not use to. It's much easier to be a slave than it is to be free and only you can make that choice for yourself, freedom or slavery, which will it be?

Choosing is easy but then we come to the hard part. Re claiming our freedom. When we wanted our freedom from the British we did something very important, we took our issues off the table.

I made a mistake when George W. Bush was still in office. I wrote that having leaders and followers was doomed to fail because the powers that be have always killed the leaders and then told the followers to move along there's nothing to see here. End of story. While this is still true it has created groups from the Tea Party to Occupy Wall Street that were and are completely leaderless but also very ineffective.

Occupying parks and demanding birth certificates are strategies that are doomed for failure. The first step to real freedom is to not allow the governments divide and conquer tactics to defeat us before we can get started. The solution to this problem is to simply take our issues off the table just like we did to defeat the British.

Issues are abortion or gun control. We had issues even bigger in the past like slavery. And while many people wanted to end slavery it was taken off the table so that we could come together and all fight for the same thing, our freedom. Once we were free from British rule we put all of those issues back on the table and wrote a Constitution that we could all agree to for the time being.

I suggest that today we face the same obstacles, a rich ruling class that has stripped us of our freedom. And I'd like to point to one glaring example, in the 60's and 70's only one parent needed to work. And they had more free time and more disposable income than we do today. Today's families require both parents to work just to be buried in a mountain of debt. That is wage slavery plain and simple.

So our first step to freedom then is to come together, put aside our differences, our issues and work and fight together as one for the same goal, for our freedom. You work for my freedom and I'll work for your freedom. Once we are both free we can then come back together again and deal with our issues.

Another reason for this is that not all of the solutions are available to us as slaves. And as such the solutions that are presented to us by our masters may not be the best solutions for us or may not even be solutions at all. Like the war on drugs has turned out to be a way for city and state governments to increase their revenues while not decreasing drug use in the least bit. Nor has the war on drugs made us or our families any safer indeed just the opposite.

Once we take all of our issues off the table and come together the real work begins.  It has been suggested that the real work can not begin until everyone is on board but this is not the case. When the British were evicted we only had the support of 1/3 of the population.

It only takes one person to start a fire. When the wind catches the flames that fire will spread. Eventually that fire will consume everything in its path and no one will be able to extinguish it, it will keep burning until it has consumed everything.

If you are interested I wrote the Underground to get us started. To evict the British both peaceful means like the Boston Tea party were employed along with the musket and the cannon. You will find all of this and much more at the Underground.

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