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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Comey testifies: "Trump held a gun to my head..."

By Christopher R Rice

Comey begged "please don't ever leave me alone with Trump again." According to classified testimony being given by former FBI director James Comey today he was alone with the President when Trump pulled an automatic handgun and put it to his head demanding allegiance and that Comey drop the Flynn investigation.

Comey says that Trump demanded allegiance not to the country or to the Constitution but Comey had to swear allegiance to Donald Trump. Comey says he was fearing for his life and has a tape recording of the encounter which he has turned over to the congressional investigating committee.

Comey says that Trump held a gun to his head for several minutes and that Trump hurled insults at him calling him names and then asked if Obama had a bigger dingaling.

Comey says that then President Trump began to demand that I wiretap and arrest some reporters for all of the leaks coming out of the White House. Comey says that he then informed Trump that the White House leaks were from Trumps own people possibly Jared.

At this point Comey says that Trump became confused and he was able to leave the oval office.

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