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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Best Case Scenario

By Christopher R Rice

America is such a sad and depressing place to live, a child is kidnapped and goes missing every 40 seconds in America. A woman is raped every 2 minutes in America and every 6 minutes that victim is child. It's such a cesspool, the FBI says a violent crime occurs every 22 seconds. Other countries don't have such high crime rates but of course everyone always tries to compare America to some third world hell hole instead of other industrialized nations like Germany, Canada or Japan.

American public education ranks 29th out of 33 industrialized nations. It's no joke they really are dumbing us down. Compare America to other first world nations and America looks like a third world hell hole. So I was wondering if anyone has considered what the future might look like. But before I get started let me say that I would not vote for Hillary or Trump.

So what is your 'best case scenario'? A wall along the southern border, lets suppose that Trump waved his wand and it's already built. Next? 11 million illegals rounded up and sent back to their home countries, right? Well for the sake of this article let us say that the wall is built and 11 million illegals are gone. What's next? Travel ban? Upheld, 7 nations blocked from entering the US. What else?

Tax cuts for the wealthy again? Big tax cut for oil companies? Trump bombs some small and defenseless country and generals have a war profiteering orgy with no bid contracts? Oil surges to over 100 a barrel and gas at the pump goes back to $5?

Oh yeah, and ObamaCare is repealed.

I'm just curious if you got all that and more, the best case scenario, is it really what you want? Because to me it sounds like that is what the rich want and it doesn't seem to change the fact that America will still be a cesspool unless you believe that all crime is committed by illegals. And all drugs are brought into the US by terrorist.

And if all drugs are brought into the US by terrorist and Drug Cartels than what else are they bringing in? Suitcase nukes? Laptop bombs? Sleeper cells?

And if it is not the terrorist out smarting all LE than what? Is the CIA feeding our children heroin? If it's not the CIA than how do they beat border patrol, LE, DEA, and TSA and the FBI and the NSA who even picked up calls between Trumps son in-law and the Russians but we are suppose to believe that Al Qaeda sneaks in a ton of heroin every day right? Than what else is Al-Qaeda smuggling in?

So again best case scenario and America still will not be great again. It won't be the 80's or the 1950's either. It will still be 2017 and China will still have all of our manufacturing jobs. The rich will get richer and the poor will get children. But when you have a crook and a charlatan to choose from I guess that really is the definition of choosing between the lesser of two evils.

This is not the America that I was promised or the America that I've worked for my whole life or the America that my dad served for. This is not my America.

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