Any normal people out there that dislike Hillary AND Trump?

By Christopher R Rice

I'm sick of all this biased reporting on all sides, you have these tyrannical republicans, these horrendously corrupt democrats and then you have these idiots who pretend that being neutral on two evil sides is good, when all of the three are terrible.

Giovanni Gentile describes fascism. He said, "Fascism is the Merger of corporate and state power." That one sentence pretty much sums up everything Donald Trump's policies are leading to. I'm very skeptical of a movement that praises people like Donald Trump, and then turns around and calls it libertarianism. Libertarded is more like it, Donald Trump has always been a part of the ruling class, from an early age he has been taught to rule and rule with authority. He has a huge burden now, he has the burden of demonstrating the legitimacy of his power. That is the burden of every state. In my eyes Donald Trump has no legitimacy. What I mean by this is, if me and another random person met Trump face to face, I would not be held under the spell of society. He would look into my eye's and see that he has no power over me, and the other person would probably be either star struck or overwhelmed by the fact they are standing next to the president.

Hillary and Obama acted as if they hated the Saudis but remember when Hillary's emails leaked and said the Saudis were arming ISIS and yet she still passed the arms deals? Did I miss the legislation Hillary authored or got passed that helped women and or minorities or is it as I suspect non-existent. Seems the politicians are all helping themselves at the public trough. Because when Hillary voted for Bush's Iraq war she was heavily invested in Defense department contractors. And she made a hefty profit off our sons and daughters deaths, like a lot of congress members and Senators did at the time and are still doing today. They sit around eating steak and lobster ordering our children into battle not to protect America but just to protect their profits plain and simple. And when our children come home in a body bag we're told "don't take it personal it's just business".

You can not be neutral in the face of such evil and still believe that you have done the right thing. There is only one proper response to evil and hate. It's no secret. Standing by and watching the world get raped doesn't make you innocent because you didn't personally participate. Living in America you have still personally benefited from the worst torturing and plundering the human race has ever witnessed. There is no neutrality. No one is innocent, not in America.

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