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Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Huge Intelligence Failure: ISIS attacks UK

By Christopher R Rice

The M16, CIA, FBI, NSA and Homeland Security are worthless

The Donald has been bragging about keeping Americans safe, what a joke. The FBI's been doing stings on retards, giving them plans and explosives they wouldn't of had access to otherwise, then 'busting' them. Somehow this has given Americans confidence in their government even though they couldn't prevent Sandy Hook or the Marathon bomber, the Florida attack or the San Bernardino attack or any other terrorist attack. And these Jackals have the audacity to blame Edward Snowden the NSA contractor.

The FBI, NSA and Homeland Security are worthless. The people that you have chosen to protect you are worthless.

Yes, these recent attacks were carried out in the UK, I know, but according to our government Al-Qaeda smuggles a ton of heroin into the US everyday. Who is to say they haven't smuggled in suitcase nukes with those drug shipments? See what I mean. If the 700% increase in heroin production since the US arrived in Afghanistan is actually due to the terrorist as the US government claims then it is a huge failure on the part of our intelligence, military and LE services. If the increase is due to CIA drug traffickers then we have an even bigger problem to confront. But which ever way you see the problem it is a very dangerous, very huge problem that is completely unaddressed. So which is it? Are terrorist crossing our borders with tons of drugs everyday or is the CIA flooding our streets and schools with dangerous narcotics that kill thousands of our children every year?

Either way, you're not safe. 

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