Your whole governments been hacked and your leaders are a fucking joke

By Christopher R Rice

The USA has a president that likes to be peed on. Every government agency has been hacked. Every government secret leaked. And according to your own president the election was "rigged."

Fourteen years and 20 trillion dollars later and the best equipped, best trained military in the world still can not beat a bunch of goat herders who have no air force, no navy or even a military budget.

The head of the CIA resigned and was replaced by a circus bear straight from our Russian sponsors. Comrade Trump's a big fat orange sissy boy that wears lip stick and takes it up the ass from his Mistress. Sessions is a dinosaur that only knows one line "Just Say No", that shit failed so badly, lets bust that shit out one more time. When you have no original ideas of your own you have to steal Michelle Obama's speech and make that hooker you call a wife repeat it word for word.

And America can't do shit about it because we got your people on film with our ho's, ya' know what I'm talking about. Remember when Ashley Madison was hacked? Remember this headline...

LEAK Ashley Madison "cheating site" used by White House, Congress... Remember 10,000 accounts were held by US government employees? I think a sheriff and a pastor committed suicide over that leak. How would you like to see judges, mayors, legislatures, Senators, Secret service, DEA, TSA, FBI agents and more resigning and worse because we got them all on film?

But we learned there's no strategic advantage in leaking this shit to the public because their a bunch of pussies willing to take it up the ass all day from a government that threw them under the bus decades ago. So now your whole government is compromised and under our thumb. Why do you suppose that WikiLeaks and all of us in the know helped that orange buffoon into the White House? You are now owned, you are my little bitch and you will do whatever you are told to do and don't let me hear you complain or say a gawd damn word. Do we fucking understand one another bitch?

Your CIA's nothing but a bunch of BDSM freaks like your President. The NSA is nothing more than economic espionage and your local LE is made up of a bunch of wife beaters and cross burners. And the star athlete on the high school football team is a rapist. James Comey was fired and he will be replaced by a Russian circus bear but have no fear, Trumpo is making America great again.

The USA is a fucking joke and it's citizens are boot licking ass kissing idiots who will believe any gawd damn thing their lying piece of shit government tells them. Because they are fucking redneck retards with a hooker for a first lady.

Your government and your laws are a fucking joke. Google is a greedy parasite that works hand-in-glove with the government, giving them a backdoor to all of your searches and information as well as your location. Google Alternative:  DuckDuckGoStartPage 


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