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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

White House staffers 'hiding in offices' over 'disturbing' Trump-Russia report


Members of Congress from both parties are demanding answers in the wake of claims that President Donald Trump revealed sensitive intelligence to Russian diplomats.

Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) said the negative stories involving Trump and intelligence signaled that the White House is in a "downward spiral," CNN reported.

"You know the shame of it is there's a really good national security team in place, there's good productive things that are underway through them, and through others. But the chaos that is being created by the lack of discipline is creating an environment I think—it creates a worrisome environment."

He added: "To compromise a source is something that you just don't do."

The White House has denied the Washington Post report, while Trump's staff is left scrambling to clean up yet another Russia-related scandal.

"Do not ask me about how this looks, we all know how this looks," one senior aide told The Daily Beast. Communications staff and senior staffers were reportedly "hiding in offices" just after the story broke on Monday evening.

"At this point I'm wondering if we'll ever be able to stop talking about Russia. It's totally self-inflicted. Every time I feel like we're getting a handle on the last Russia fiasco, a new one pops," a White House staffer said.

Senator John McCain (R-AZ), a frequent Trump critic, called the report "disturbing," according to Axios. "We certainly don't want any president to leak classified information but the president does have the right to do that," McCain said.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) added: "If it's accurate, it'd be troubling." Graham is leading one of four congressional investigations into Russia's interference in the US elections.
Meanwhile, over in the House of Representatives, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) released a statement asking for a "full explanation" from the White House. "We have no way to know what was said, but protecting our nation's secrets is paramount. The speaker hopes for a full explanation of the facts from the administration."

Trump's comments raise concerns about his intelligenceBy Christopher R Rice

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid told intelligence officials to give Trump a fake briefing. "I suggested to the intelligence agencies, if you’re forced to brief this guy, don’t tell him anything. Just fake it, because this man is dangerous,” Reid said in an interview with the Huffington Post. “Fake it. Pretend you’re doing a briefing, but you can’t give the guy any information."

"They will not be disclosing to Donald Trump, anything revealing he might leak on Twitter. He will get a very, very top-line brief. And what’s more, that’s probably the only digestible form for him anyway." Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, told Politico Thursday.

President elect Donald Trump the alleged billionaire has insisted that an "extremely credible source" told him President Obama's birth certificate is a fake. From Trumps own Twitter account:

"CIA briefing today, will bring up top security issue: Obama's fake birth certificate."

"At briefing now, trying to figure out this 'cone-of-silence' thingy they got me in."

From: Dr. Eliot A. Cohen, former Counselor of the Department of State (2007–8), and Bryan McGrath, Managing Director of The FerryBridge Group, a defense consultancy:

"We the undersigned, members of the Republican national security community, represent a broad spectrum of opinion on America’s role in the world and what is necessary to keep us safe and prosperous. We have disagreed with one another on many issues, including the Iraq war and intervention in Syria. But we are united in our opposition to a Donald Trump presidency..."

"His vision of American influence and power in the world is wildly inconsistent and unmoored in principle. He swings from isolationism to military adventurism within the space of one sentence.

His advocacy for aggressively waging trade wars is a recipe for economic disaster in a globally connected world.

His embrace of the expansive use of torture is inexcusable...."

Number of Signatories: 121
The statement above was coordinated by Dr. Eliot A. Cohen, former Counselor of the Department of State (2007–8), and Bryan McGrath, Managing Director of The FerryBridge Group, a defense consultancy. They encourage other members of the Republican foreign policy and national security communities wishing to sign the declaration to contact them.


Call your Senators and Congress members and tell them no war with Syria, no war with Korea. Bring the troops home and put America first or they will be voted out.

To call your Member of Congress: US Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121 To locate your Member on-line: U.S. House of Representatives: U.S. Senate:

Stay Informed:

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