What Cost

By Christopher R Rice

The Iraq war is costing over a trillion dollars and it could easily drag on as Viet Nam did for another decade. This has lead to massive deficits.

The 2005 deficit was $400 billion. Todays deficit stands at over $12 trillion.

In addition because of outsourcing, the USA, a former net exporter, had a $800 billion trade deficit in 2005. It imported $800 billion more than it exported. This shortfall is one of the factors causing the buying power of the US dollar to collapse.

Military spending has dried up other government spending, meaning lost jobs. The Bush administration encouraged outsourcing which further destroyed jobs.

The USA is ridiculously overspending on the military, all out of proportion to the threat. For example, even back in 2003 before the USA doubled its military spending, it was still spending more than all the other countries of the earth combined. There is no way that sort of expenditure is justified purely for defense.

Military spending has already bankrupted the country in the sense that even future generations will not be able to make good on the outstanding debt according to Professor Laurence Kotlikoff of Boston University speaking for the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis, a leading constituent of the US Federal Reserve.

The USA has greatly increased its per capita spending to cover the costs of the war in Afghanistan, the Iraq war and the costs of the homeland security bureaucracy. And Trump is sending more troops to Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

The USA has military bases in almost every country on earth. There are obviously not for defending the homeland, but for defending America’s economic interests abroad.

This military empire is to support a lavish consuming lifestyle at the expense of the third world. The American military’s job is to pressure foreign governments to give American businesses what they want. How else could it be that Americans manage, with under 6% of the world population, to consume about a 40-60% of the planet’s resources? How is it possible that people in other parts of the world accept a $0.06 a hour wage to produce goods for Americans. That is less than slave wages. Slaves, like livestock, at least had their food and medical bills covered and even a form of retirement.

Like a French aristocrat of old, the modern American believes he fully deserves his privileged position as a right of birth. He deserves it for being American, one of God’s chosen people. He vaguely imagines that his industriousness or other innate virtue fully explains the economic disparity. He labors under the delusion that those in the rest of the world are happy to work in American sweat shops. It never enters his head that such extreme inequality can only be maintained by global military oppression and state-sponsored political corruption to bribe and threaten world leaders to act in the interests of American business rather than the interests of their own countries.

The main difference in the outcome of WWII (World War II) was the language we speak. The economic neocolonialism is the same as had the Nazis won. Just as Nazis saw themselves as innately superior and deserving of special privilege, so do Americans. They don’t recognize that their superiority complex is just as odious to others and leads them to just as evil deeds.

There is an incredible extra burden we are putting on the earth’s carrying capacity, especially in Asia and the Pacific. There are ever more people fighting for a dwindling supply of resources.

Bush presided over a $3 trillion dollar embezzlement and covered it up. The war is a cover for massive embezzlement. Bush lost/embezzled $3 trillion from the Pentagon. Not $3 billion, $3 trillion, that is $3,000 billion, 10 Iraq wars worth or $40,000 per US family. The complicit Bush-friendly media kept mum about the biggest theft in history, though months later the San Francisco Chronicle finally covered some of it. Most people are astounded to learn that Rumsfeld confessed to the loss on camera and excused it as an accounting error. Unfortunately all trace of this video has disappeared from the Internet. I spent hours trying to find a copy. It was available for many months on C-SPAN originally.

"According to the Comptroller General of the United States, there are serious financial management problems at the Pentagon, to which Mr. Cooper alluded."
Fiscal Year 1999: $2.3 trillion missing.
Fiscal Year 2000, $1.1 trillion missing.
~ Cynthia McKinney (born:1955-03-17 age:62) Rep, 2005-03-11

8.8 billion dollars earmarked for the Iraq war have also been embezzled, or in Bush speak is improperly accounted for. And, of course, Iraq’s own oil money went missing as well.

Bush raided the social security fund to partly cover up his spending bloat.

Trump wants to destroy democratic government and hand the reigns to private corporations, much the way society was organized in the 1800s, without any regulation on the robber barons.

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