Video Shows Alabama Police Officer SLAPPING Man At Gas Station

Published on Apr 19, 2017
Several Birmingham-area activist organizations are demanding action after a Fairfield police officer allegedly struck a resident in the face at a Citgo gas station Tuesday afternoon.

A 10-second video of the incident went viral after it was posted on Snapchat around 2 p.m. In the video, it appears the officer is yelling and walking up to a black male before striking the individual in the face. What occurred before the incident is unknown at this time.

Fairfield Police Chief Nick Dyer has not returned phone calls as of Wednesday morning to comment about the situation.

Heads of the Outcast Voters League, Jefferson County Millennial Democrats, Black Lives Matter and other organizations went to Fairfield demanding officials to terminate the officer who struck the individual. The officer's name has not been released from the police department.

Activist Carlos Chaverst Jr. said both Dyer and Fairfield Mayor Ed May II did not speak about the situation in-depth during a meeting Tuesday afternoon because it is still under investigation. However, Dyer did understand the activists willingness to have the matter handled quickly, Chaverst said.

"(Dyer) said, 'We don't know what all led up to this,'" Chaverst said. "But it's about what happened in those ten second. The fact that an officer walked up to him and slapped him, that's not right."

Multiple videos were posted on social media Tuesday night in connection to the incident, including one showing Chaverst getting arrested at the police station. After the meeting with Dyer, Chaverst said they were asked to leave while questioning officers to get more information about what happened at the gas station. An argument started between Carlos and the officers. He was then arrested for obstructing government operations. He was released after about two hours in police custody and paying a $1,000 bond. He said he has a court date scheduled for April 27. "They said, 'The dispatchers can't do their job,'" Chaverst said. "The women in the dispatch didn't say anything about their ability to work."

Activists on social media did mention Dyer's willingness to build partnerships and provide more opportunities for mentorship in Fairfield and other communities. Activist Harry Turner Jr. said this is one way to bring harmony between the police and the people.

"We're not against the police," Turner said on Facebook. "The citizens need our police. The police, they need our citizens. We want police to police, but at no time should there be police brutality."

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