Trump, Russia, Comey/Yates

By Christopher R Rice

Does trump really think that by firing Comey his Russia problems will go away? Seriously? Oh well, Comey is gone so let's just forget about the investigation. In your dreams fat boy! No matter how many people you fire, the truth will come out.

On March 20, Comey appeared before the House Intelligence Committee and took the unusual step of publicly disclosing that his bureau had been investigating interactions between Trump associates and Russians since last July. 

Trickydick is back. Saturday Night Massacre all over again. Independent Investigation is now mandatory. Anybody who was investigating Russia/Trump has been fired by Trump. Bharara, Yates, and now Comey. This has not happened since Nixon. This cannot continue. Everyone needs to rise up and stop this travesty of truth. That swamp stinks more than ever. Trump is worst than Nixon.

Trump trying to cover his tracks. The sad thing is most folks don't really see whats going on. This is more evidence that Trump wants to have his ongoing investigations in the hands of Jeff Sessions. Trump firing Comey shows how frightened the Admin. is over the Russian investigation. I call on the true patriots in the FBI to release, by leak, all evidence related to President Trump's collusion with the Russians.

MotherJones: The Trump White House announced Comey was being fired at the recommendation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his deputy Rod Rosenstein—as if to suggest that this was not Trump's initiative. But Sessions had supposedly recused himself from investigations related to the Trump-Russia scandal. Calling for the firing of the man supervising the investigation would seem to violate such a recusal.

Trump's action is a reversal from his previous bromance with Comey. Last October, Trump said "it took guts" for Comey to renew the Clinton email investigation. On January 22, a smiling Trump hugged Comey during a White House meeting and said with a chuckle, "He's become more famous than me." (What could be higher praise from Trump?) On April 12, Trump said he had confidence in Comey. On May 3, White House press secretary Sean Spicer reiterated that Comey had Trump's support.

Trump now gets to appoint the next FBI director. How can anyone he places in this job be trusted to manage these sensitive Russia-related inquiries that may lead to Trump's doorstep? Comey has been attacked by both Democrats and Republicans at different points. He had few political supporters in Washington. But Comey was independent of the White House and Sessions' Justice Department. That gave him space to oversee the critical Trump-Russia inquiries. Trump has now obliterated that space and independence. That's big trouble. And this is a crisis.

Judging from his tweets, Trump seems to feel threatened by the ongoing Russia investigations, which have not faded. On Monday, a Senate hearing revealed that Trump's White House did not quickly act in response to a warning that national security adviser Michael Flynn had lied about his conversations with the Russian ambassador and that Flynn was vulnerable to Russian blackmail. Testimony also showed that US intelligence had obtained information in late 2015 on interactions between Trump associates and known or suspected Russian agents. During that hearing, Rep. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) asked about Trump's business ties to Russia, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper gave an answer that suggested US intelligence had looked into this. Hours after this hearing, Trump sent out a series of false tweets calling the Russia story a hoax and claiming (inaccurately) that Clapper had said there was no collusion between Trump's campaign and Russia. The president was protesting too much.


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