The History of the US Military

By Christopher R Rice

After defeating the British who were our blood relatives, the US military went about exterminating every tribe that they could find. Even invented death squads right here in America to be used against Americans, Native Americans. The pride just bubbles up inside, doesn't it? Look around this was a complete massacre, genocide. Go on, look around, where are the Natives? Not in my school, not at the mall, hum, where could they be? No Natives at the beach, where did all of the Natives go?

Next the US military was used once again against American citizens during the so-called civil-war. I've discovered 16 war crimes committed by Abraham Lincoln and by the US military. And I know that was such a long time ago, surely they've cleaned up their act since then, right? Wrong, not even close.

At the end of world war 2 the US military killed babies, pregnant women, old people in nursing homes, young children, dogs and cute little puppies. They did not give a fuck about the innocent people of Japan or those puppies.

Did you know that in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gitmo the US military committed crimes worse than Nazi Germany committed? These atrocities have been documented by: the FBI, the Red Cross, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks, LiveLeaks and many more.

So what is the history of the US military? Baby killers. Chemical weapons used against civilians. Rape and murder of civilians. War crimes. And these sicko bastards have not won a single war since world war II. Lost Korea, lost Nam, Desert Storm took 50 nations and left Saddam. Fourteen freaking years in Afghanistan, flush 20 trillion down and the best trained, best equipped military in the world still can not beat a bunch of goat herders who don't have an air force, a navy or even a military budget. What a joke and the jokes on the American tax payers.

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