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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Robert S. Mueller III Puppet Master

By Christopher R Rice

See how the game works? Comey said I need more money to complete this investigation, as Comey said about every investigation he ever met. So pimp Comey told trick Trump "I have you over a barrel, either give me more funds for the FBI to complete this investigation into Russian collusion or look like you stymied my investigation by De-funding it. The choice is yours." Trump pulled the ultimate bitch trick, firing Comey without even saying goodbye, Comey found out from a news article.

Robert S. Mueller III has a very important role now and has been put in place to pull President Trumps strings. The global elite have made it very clear to Trump to do as he is told and the investigation goes nowhere or if Trump doesn't follow orders Mueller will find something, even if evidence needs to be manufactured. 

Seems perfectly clear.

Everyone knows that Trump is dirty, for one thing why else would Russia help him to win? But the most obvious tell is- when have you ever heard, a politician, have something nice to say about any thing, product or person unless they were getting paid? In America we call that lobbying, everyone else knows it as bribery. We call this wordplay public relations or spin doctors, everyone with a brain knows it is pure propaganda. Or as George Orwell called it "double-speak."

Now they have Trumps gonads in a vice. Play ball or be impeached or worse, they might deport Trump to Gitmo. That is the only reason that two investigations are being conducted simultaneously into Russian collusion into our elections by the house and by the FBI. Keep Trump inline and remind him who is boss. Pull my strings watch me go far.

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