Response to "Fuck Memorial Day"

By Christopher R Rice

It is always a great feeling to receive an email that you helped somebody you never met avoid arrest and incarceration. Today's comment comes from a United States service member in response to my article "Fuck Memorial Day" here's his comment:

"A couple of years ago on patrol 53 miles from Kabul, my LT told my company to light up a school. A school occupied by women and children. When we got back to the LZ, the sergeant came around and checked our ammo. I had all of my rounds and grenades because I refused to waste my ammo on a non-combatant target. The LT chewed me out and said he was having me court-martialed for disobeying orders. That night I fragged him dead...and went AWOL. Fuck democracy..."

Dear readers, if you are feeling "burn-out" or you are too tired to carry-on, take a break. This is just one battle, the war rages on. While you are busy with Angry Birds or whatever fad it is this week I will be fighting for my brothers to expose the lies, the crimes and the criminals. I'm here at Underground Newz seven days a week and I won't stop, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Until there is no breath left in me, I will fight until I win or until I die, which ever comes first.

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