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Thursday, May 18, 2017

MOSSAD and the Globalist Green Light Trump

By Christopher R Rice

With Hillary everyone knew what they would get. The police saw four more years of Obama and a Justice Dept. hanging over every police shooting while losing their military build up. To voters Hillary was owned by Wall Street and Big banks and never met a contribution she wouldn't bend over backwards for. Israel saw four more years of cold shoulders and betrayal. While Trump was seen as a wild card that could get things done. A real mover and shaker.

Trump had plans of his own but none of that would matter, America was in the middle of a world war and while it has yet to be reported to the public as such that is what Trump was told shortly after being sworn in. It was now Trumps responsibility to remove Assad and derail North Koreas nuclear program, then it would be on to Iran for some regime change.

But when the American backed rebels launched a chemical attack on civilians in Syria and blamed Assad the US quickly shot off a bunch of missiles and then Trump choked and did not remove Assad.

Strike number one.

Next the US dropped MOAB on Afghanistan tunnels that had been built by your tax dollars for Al Qaida under Carter and Reagan. This was merely a test to see if they could puncture Koreas solid concrete military bases and missile launch sites, while bringing chaos to the South Pacific like we did for the Middle East creating a refugee crisis on China's border.

After the military tested MOAB, Japan and South Korea were told to evacuate and prepare for nuclear war with North Korea. A US warship that could shoot down missiles launched by North Korea was dispatched to the South Seas and Japan and the US began military exercises. China ordered and moved its military to protect its borders. Reps for Trump met North Korean officials in Oslo offering incentives to drop its upcoming missile test / launch. Trump bribed China to handle the Korean problem by dropping his trade war. And the CIA tried to assassinate North Koreas President with chemical weapons.

Then North Korea launched. And Trump blinked. Instead of ordering the attack, Trump choked again and publicly called on Putin to fix his problem for him. Putin responded by telling Trump to stop threatening North Korea, basically telling Trump "Yankee go home."

Strike number two.

MOSSAD which is Israel's version of the CIA developed a laptop bomb and passed this technology onto ISIS with instructions to board a Russian commercial jet with said laptop bomb and bring the plane down. MOSSAD warned the CIA of its plans with ISIS and the CIA briefed members of Congress and the White House, telling them that MOSSAD heard of an ISIS plot to bring down commercial jetliners with laptop bombs. Then Trump told the Russians during a meeting not realizing that the plot was aimed against Russian commercial jets.

Strike number three.

MOSSAD agents have been given the go ahead to remove Trump with extreme prejudice. And have refused to pass on any more intel to the CIA. It will then become Pence's job to do Israel's dirty work.

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