Mind Game

By Christopher R Rice

Terrorist attack SB, CA.

We are going to play a 'word game'. First I will tell you a well known fact:

Official: 15 of the 19 Sept. 11 hijackers were Saudi 
Source: USAToday

The last word in that sentence is 'Saudi', right? And yet we have been told by our government that we were attacked by Afghanistan or Iraq but that Saudi Arabia had nothing to do with the attack. Right? And we believe what we are told because the Saudis are our allies. But let us try some word play and see if this makes any sense. Change the last word from Saudi to Russian. See the difference? As soon as you change 'Saudi' to Russian and think about what Bush and Obama have said, it really does not make any sense at all. Try it again. Suppose that 15 of the 19 Sept. 11 hijackers were Russian and our government attacked Afghanistan and Iraq and said that Russia was not involved. No one would believe them, would they? And we should not believe our government since they have admittedly and repeatedly lied to our faces, right?

WHAT IS WORSE? Assad, Gaddafi, Rouhani or ISIS?

Because America supports ISIS. Another fucked up mind game.

ISIS are not terrorist, not in the true sense. ISIS are mercenaries that are paid for by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, trained by the CIA in Jordan and Turkey, they fight for money only. Most ISIS are drugged up on Captagon by their sponsors, they are poor unemployed youth looking for a little excitement. Or as Manson said: "we're disposable teens." They are basically doped up like a teenage hooker and told what to do, which is transport oil for American and British corporations through Turkey.

Any reporter who dared expose ISIS links with its western backers was quickly beheaded. Then ISIS posted their grisly murders to Youtube as a warning to the rest of us journalist. But the world really has nothing to fear from ISIS, remember what happened to Al-Qaeda when Russia left Afghanistan? The western powers will dispose of ISIS once ISIS has disposed of Syria and Iran. Once they have outlived their usefulness. These poor dumb doped up kids actually think they will get to run something someday, what a hoot.

Now that Russia and China are kicking ISIS' ass all over the desert, America wants to protect it's ISIS fighters and to do so has threatened Assad with war crimes. If I was Assad I'd make war crimes against terrorist my public policy. Very simple, if you are caught and you are fighting for ISIS or Al-Qaeda or some other "rebel" group, you will be cremated -alive, I wouldn't even waste a bullet on your sorry asses.

Now to my friends supporting instant chaos, if that is what I would do to a bunch of mercenaries can you imagine what I would do to their backers if I was given the opportunity?

I'm up against the most organized ruthless evil ever unleashed against humanity but I will not stop until you kill me or until I arrest all of you crooks and criminals. Because I'm not interested in your pawns, I will arrest the King and the Queen. Mind fuck.

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