Is the US Military Guilty of War Crimes

The American soldier knows full well there are no WMDs (Weapon of Mass Destruction). He knows the UN (United Nations) has declared the war illegal. He knows Syria is no threat to the USA. He knows the USA attacked Syria, a tiny unarmed country, without provocation. He knows full well Americans are killing more children than adults. He knows about the atrocities and torture committed by Americans. He knows he is not defending America; he is fighting a war of aggression on her behalf. He knows the war in not about Assad but about oil.

I doubt people in general will be much interested in using the term terrorist precisely. However, it does have a clear meaning.

In determining what constitutes terrorism, it does not matter who does the killing. What matters is who is killed. In particular, when soldiers or civilians kill soldiers, it is not terrorism, no matter what means they use. That is just ordinary warfare. When soldiers kill civilians it is terrorism, no matter what means they use.

Terrorism : killing civilians with the intent of changing their political affiliation.
~ Caleb Carr (born:1955-08-02 age:61), military historian

Sources show Americans have been butchering Iraqis like fish in a barrel.

Americans have killed over a million civilians, mostly children in Iraq. This is the only peer-reviewed scientific statistic of the war. Politicians have tried to deny it, but the figure still stands. As science, it cannot be dismissed.

That makes them terrorists, whether you approve of that action or not. This makes the American soldiers in Iraq international war criminals and also criminals under American law. Had Hitler won WWII (World War II), prosecuting he Nazis would have been much delayed. Similarly, since America is so militarily powerful, it will be hard effect mass prosecution. Only a few lesser lights who stray outside the protection of the USA will be nailed to start. Germany has already started prosecuting. Consider that some Nazis were not prosecuted until they were in their 90s. The political balance of power could change substantially over the next 70 years. Americans involved in the terrorism cannot count on perpetual protection.

I have received emails from many Americans utterly convinced that Americans have killed no civilians in Iraq. If anyone did it, in their view, it must have been someone else. Americans are Boy Scouts, the good guys. They could not possibly have done such a thing. Any evidence to the contrary must be lies. Any photos of the alleged evil deeds must be fakes. That does not pass the laugh test. Consider:
  • America has spent a trillion dollars, (that’s forty-thousand dollars per Iraqi man, woman and child) to force them to surrender. That’s one heck of a lot of mayhem.
  • America has the biggest and most advanced military on earth. It has been pounding Iraq since 2003, longer than WWII, and still the Iraqis will not surrender and hand over control of their natural resources (mostly oil) to the Americans.
  • As part of a successful divide and conquer policy, Americans fomented friction between Kurds, Sunnis and Shia and fomented a civil war. They provided arms to feed it. They are thus responsible.   
Terrorists are people who kill civilians to browbeat them into changing their politics.

Clinton signed the Iraq Liberation Act in 1998. Then Bush took over and the rest is history.

29,200 bombs and missiles were used on Iraq in the first month. Killing tens of thousands of civilians in 2003 March.

Epidemiologists estimated 650,000 Iraqi deaths by 2006 and by 2008 that figure would reach over a million dead.

Air strikes on villages and buildings full of people. Fallujah was declared a "free fire zone" and then thousands of civilians were killed.

US occupation deliberately targeted Sunni Muslims killing over ten percent of Sunnis and driving most out of their homes, clear genocide.

If Bush was not bad enough, Barak Obama took over and added drones to the already grueling checklist of US war crimes. The US has never paid war reparations to Iraq for aggression, genocide or war crimes.

US soldiers in addition to humiliating Iraqi soldiers, now carry out dead-checking, killing wounded fighters and civilians.

360 degree rotational fire on streets with civilians by US soldiers is a daily occurrence.

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