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Sunday, May 21, 2017

I CONFESS I Killed Roger Aires

By Christopher R Rice

I confess I killed Roger Aires. That's it. I usually can't talk about my crimes until the statue of limitations has run out but this has been ruled an accident, soooo, I pry shouldn't say any more, but fuck man every girl I've ever met or dated and I've dated a lot, all have the same fucked up story from their youth about being taken advantage of and or raped by Roger Aires. Every damn single one.

Somewhere in America a woman is raped every two minutes but I never knew they were all being raped by Roger Aires. I couldn't stand it any longer, had a little too much to drink and heard one too damn many horror stories that ended with Roger Aires. Got in my car but the tank was dry and I haven't earned any money in seven months or has it been years? So I bummed some gas from the neighbors car and headed out in the black night.

It was a long drive to Palm Beach Florida from Riverside California. When I finally got there I ran into Barbara Walters and thought that I must be in the wrong house. I told that cunt she better beat it out of there if she knew what the fuck was good for her. That's when Roger opened his fat trap and I put my fist in his face. He dropped like a whale, hit his head on a coffee table and lay there like crumpled up dirty laundry.

Good riddance fat fucking piece of shit Roger Aires, we all hate your guts and hope you rot in hell.

If you were raped or murdered by Roger Aires to keep you silent, I'd love to publish your story here.

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