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Friday, May 12, 2017

Goals for the People's Party

 By Christopher R Rice

Some time ago I wrote about the 'People's Party' but everyone was busy and missed it. Don't worry I published it here. But I got to thinking that what was really needed was a list of goals and how they can be obtained. So here is a short list of goals that I wrote for the People's Party. If you think of any yourself just leave them in the comment section so that I can add them to this list.

The main principles behind the 'People's Party' is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

1.) Reduce crime by forming a Community Police force as described here
2.) Reduce homelessness by providing mental, drug and work rehabs as described here
3.) End the 'War on Drugs' and provide drug rehab without waiting lines as described here
4.) Protect the US borders to stop the flow of illegal drugs coming into the US on a daily basis
5.) Ban 'Executive orders' and return to a functioning Republic with three functioning branches of government
6.) End the wars overseas, bring the troops home and fund the VA
7.) Make deficit spending illegal. Force politicians to live within their means or face consequences as described here
8.) Fund prevention, education and mental health instead of incarceration
9.) Build modern roads, schools, hospital and dams
10.) Pay for the above by decreasing our global military footprint
11.) De fund the DEA/NASA
12.) Hold LE and politicians to the same laws as everyone else
13.) Repeal Bush's tax cuts for the rich
14.) Close the tax loop holes that allow profitable corporations to avoid paying their fair share
15.) Re instate Glass–Steagall legislation
16.) Uphold and defend the Constitution by not infringing on any amendments
17.) Re invent education, modernize and cut waste/spending.
18.) Require community service for government assistance
19.) Repeal the Supreme court decision that says corporations are people, returning democracy to our Republic
20.) Pardon Snowden/Assange
21.) CIA should return to being a spy agency and leave the para-military to the military
22.) CPS should do everything in its power to keep families together and only separate children from their parents in the most severe cases. CPS could accomplish this by offering family counseling, parenting and drug classes and other services with the goal of keeping families together.

In my life time Edward Snowden is one of the few men to sacrifice his own freedom for mine and not for profit or gain. So I would like to nominate Edward Snowden for President of the People's Party. Leave your picks for nominations in the comments section below. And let's beat the Republicans and the Democrats.

Really folks I can not do any of this without your help. Pass this around if you agree, I can't do it for you. And thank you for your support.

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