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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Attorney General Goldsmith Makes A Mockery Of Justice By Bribing Saudi Prince with $1Billion?

What chance do any of us have of justice when you have the highest legal official in the land in bed with Saudi Princes, offering them $1Billion bribes and hookers!

'Lord" Goldsmith has tried to conceal and cover up the $1Billion he gave Saudi Prince Bandar as part of the $43Billiion Arms Deal. Prostitutes were also part of this dirty deal. Now Blair and his government are doing all they can to cover up the grubby dealings of this scumbag Attorney General.

What chance do any of us have of justice when you have an Attorney General who is so greedy and corrupt that he bribes Saudi Princes! 

Does the end justify the means? Think about it ...$1Billion in a bribe and to what end? So that $45Billion worth of arms can annihilate innocent Iraqi, Afghan civilians and American and British Troops! Shame on you, You are as corrupt and greedy as him!! Is your name also Goldsmith, or Wolfowitz by any chance?

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