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Flushing the Qur’an

By Christopher R Rice

70 Types of Torture approved / used by the CIA / US Army:

#68.) Flushing the Qur’an (the sacred text of the Muslims) down the toilet. Leaving it out as the only toilet paper. This is equivalent to making Americans shit on or burn the flag. Oddly, this more than any other humiliation or torture, has the Muslims of the world up in arms. 100 people were hurt in protests in Iran. Clerics have even threatened jihad over it. There are also reports of standing on the Qur’an, throwing or kicking it in toilets and urinating on it. There have been many reports of the Qur’an being stepped on, tossed on the floor and placed in latrines. The LA Times confirmed dozens of such reports not only at Guantánamo, but also at American-run detention facilities in Afghanistan and Iraq. Britons too corroborate the story. The Pentagon lied when they said they had received no reports of Qur’an desecration. The Red Cross informed them as early as 2002. FBI documents confirm wi…

WikiLeaks Exposes Gitmo

MSNBC host Cenk Uygur speaks Ben Wizner of the ACLU with about new WikiLeaks documents showing that 158 innocent men were held at Gitmo.

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Endless War = Endless Profits (How Congress Profits from War)

Americas War Criminals (living freely today)

How Much Does the US REALLY OWE?

The Super Rich (economic terrorist)

Class War (war on the middle-class)

American Slavery Today

8 Reasons NOT to support the US Military…

(About) Kaepernick National Anthem / Police Brutality Protest

By Christopher R Rice

I'm about to wipe that stupid grin off of your face. I was just like you. Whenever I heard the National Anthem, tears would well up in my eyes and a lump would form in my throat. As a kid I dreamed of joining West Point. I put on a kitchen towel and pretended to be Super Man or Batman, I would pretend to save the world and the damsel in distress.

I believed. A so called liberal media crammed police loving cop shows down my throat all day long. Who could hate characters like Andy Taylor or Adam-12? I loved those guys. I emulated them. But then I grew up. And I'm not a naïve twelve year old boy, anymore. I'm not as gullible. I'm sure it was easy for you to fool a little child. I would've believed anything. But to date everything that I've been told, everything that I was taught or rather forced fed, has been a lie. A con job to keep the rich richer and the poor poorer.

I've suffered, I've worked, gave the best years of my…

Why Is It Blasphemous for Kim Dotcom to Testify Under Oath in Congress?

By HuffPost

Nobody can state categorically who killed Seth Rich.

However, Kim Dotcom isn’t part of any conspiracy theory.
He accurately predicted Julian Assange would publish material considered to be “Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare” in a 2015 Bloomberg interview. Kim Dotcom’s words are forever archived in Bloomberg piece titled Kim Dotcom: Julian Assange Will Be Hillary Clinton’s Worst Nightmare in 2016.
Here is the Bloomberg video.
Would The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel accuse Bloomberg of being part of a Seth Rich conspiracy theory, simply because it interviewed Kim Dotcom years before the Russian hacking narrative?
Because I respect The Huffington Post, I’ll keep this piece short, and to the point; nobody is claiming anyone caused the death of Seth Rich.

On the other hand, more information on Seth Rich’s death is needed.

If indeed Seth Rich was the WikiLeaks source, we need to know, or at least evaluate added evidence. It’s unheard of to simply disregard new eviden…

U.S. Arms Deal Rewards ‘Saudi War Crimes with Weapons’

By Muftah

U.S. President Donald Trump signed a multi-billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia on Saturday during his maiden overseas tour, making clear his intention to secure the Kingdom’s dominance in the region despite its appalling human rights record. Since 2011, the United States has sold ten percent of all arms exports to Saudi Arabia, its largest buyer.

The arms deal, together with other joint investments, could total up to $350 billion, and will include tanks, helicopters, ships, intelligence-gathering aircraft, missile defense radar systems, and cyber security tools. It is the largest bilateral military pact ever signed between the two countries.

The Obama administration had offered a similar package to Saudi Arabia, but it was halted in late 2016 after a Saudi airstrike on a funeral in Yemen killed over 140 people. Since 2015, Saudi Arabia and regional allies have led a merciless war on Yemen, the region’s poorest country, killing 10,000 civilians, displacing…

How Bribes to Politicians From Arms Dealers Keep Wars Going And How the Wars Keep the Politicians Going

By Jeff Schechtman Whowhatwhy

The power of globalization, the influence of multinational corporations, the free flow of money, products, and ideas around the world are an indisputable reality of 21st century life. What we don’t realize, is that one of the earliest adopters of the globalization model was the international arms trade. With the cooperation of governments, intelligence agencies, and world leaders, defense contractors have spawned a global business that profits from war, supports and encourages corruption, and must for its survival help fan the flames of civil wars and global conflicts to draw its breath. This is the subject of a new documentary film Shadow World from my guests writer Andrew Feinstein and director Johan Grimonprez. It is my pleasure to welcome Johan and Andrew here today to talk about the international arms trade in their film Shadow World. Gentlemen, thanks so much for joining us. Thank you both for being here. Andrew, I want to start with …

Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton's State Department

By IBTimes

Even by the standards of arms deals between the United States and Saudi Arabia, this one was enormous. A consortium of American defense contractors led by Boeing would deliver $29 billion worth of advanced fighter jets to the United States' oil-rich ally in the Middle East.

Israeli officials were agitated, reportedly complaining to the Obama administration that this substantial enhancement to Saudi air power risked disrupting the region's fragile balance of power. The deal appeared to collide with the State Department’s documented concerns about the repressive policies of the Saudi royal family.

But now, in late 2011, Hillary Clinton’s State Department was formally clearing the sale, asserting that it was in the national interest. At press conferences in Washington to announce the department’s approval, an assistant secretary of state, Andrew Shapiro, declared that the deal had been “a top priority” for Clinton personally. Shapiro, a longtime aide to Cl…