We are being led into WWIII Part I

They are leading us into WWIII Part I
By Christopher R Rice

Todays (4/7/17) headline news is the US attack on Syria. Yesterdays screaming headline was chemical attack against Syrian civilians. But how did we get here?

As with everything there is the MSM or official version and then there is the truth. First here is the official version:

Wikipedia: CIA paramilitary teams have been deployed to Syria to report on the uprising, to access the rebel groups, leadership and to potentially train, equip and lead one of those rebel groups against the Bashar al-Assad regime.[225] In early September 2013, President Obama told U.S. Senators that the CIA had trained the first 50-man insurgent element and that they had been inserted into Syria.[226] The deployment of this unit and the supplying of weapons may be the first tangible measure of support since the U.S. stated they would begin providing assistance to the opposition.

There's more

Wikipedia: CIA activities in Syria since the agency's inception in 1947 have included coup attempts and assassination plots, and in more recent years, extraordinary renditions, a paramilitary strike, and funding and military training of forces opposed to the current government.

On 30 March 1949, Col. Husni al-Za'im seized power from President Shukri al-Quwatli in a bloodless coup d'état. There are "highly controversial" allegations that the American legation in Syria—headed by James Hugh Keeley Jr.—and CIA engineered the coup.[1] Assistant military attaché (and undercover CIA officer) Stephen J. Meade, who became intimately acquainted with Colonel Za'im several weeks prior to the coup and was considered Za'im's "principal Western confidant" during Za'im's brief time in power, has been described as the coup's architect—along with the CIA's Damascus station chief, Miles Copeland Jr.[2] Copeland later authored several books with "extraordinarily detailed accounts of CIA operations in, among other countries, Syria, Egypt, and Iran," considered "one of the most revelatory set of writings by a former U.S. intelligence officer ever published."

Once in power, Za'im enacted a number of policies that benefited the U.S.: He ratified the construction on Syrian territory of the Trans-Arabian Pipeline (Tapline) (which had been stalled in the Syrian parliament), banned the Communist Party, and signed an armistice with Israel.


National Security Council member Wilbur Crane Eveland, CIA official Archibald Roosevelt, and Michail Bey Ilyan, former Syrian minister, met in Damascus on 1 July 1956 to discuss a US-backed 'anticommunist' takeover of the country.[13] They made a plan, scheduled for enactment on 25 October 1956, in which the military would
take control of Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, and Hamah. The frontier posts with Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon would also be captured in order to seal Syria's borders until the radio stations announced that a new government had taken over under Colonel Kabbani, who would place armored units at key positions throughout Damascus. Once control had been established, Ilyan would inform the civilians he'd selected that they were to form a new government, but in order to avoid leaks none of them would be told until just a week before the coup.[14]
The CIA backed this plan (known as "Operation Straggle") with 500,000 Syrian pounds (worth about $167,000) and the promise to support the new government.[15] Although Secretary of State John Foster Dulles publicly opposed a coup, privately he had consulted with the CIA and recommended the plan to President Eisenhower.

And in 1957

DCI Allen Dulles continued to file reports about the dangers of Communism in Syria.[15] The CIA planned for another coup, code-named "Operation Wappen" and organized by Kermit Roosevelt. Syrian military officers were paid off in anticipation.[18] Bribes reportedly totaled $3,000,000.[19]
The coup failed when some of these officers revealed the plan to the Syrian intelligence service. They turned in the CIA bribe money and identified the officers who had tendered it.

Explicit documents from September 1957 reveal a plot, including collaboration with the British intelligence service MI6 in a plot, to assassinate three Syrian officials in Damascus. These targets were: Abdel Hamid al-Sarraj, head of military intelligence; Afif al-Bizri, army chief of staff; and Khalid Bakdash, leader of the Syrian Communist Party—all figures who had gained politically from exposure of "the American plot".[24] Details about this conspiracy were revealed by a "Working Group Report" uncovered in 2003 among the papers of British Defence Minister Duncan Sandys:
Once a political decision is reached to proceed with internal disturbances in Syria, CIA is prepared, and SIS [MI6] will attempt, to mount minor sabotage and coup de main incidents within Syria, working through contacts with individuals.
On Sunday, 26 October 2008, the CIA conducted a paramilitary raid on the town of Sukkariyeh in eastern Syria. The raid involved "about two dozen U.S. commandos in specially equipped Black Hawk helicopters", according to reporters for the New York Times. The U.S. said it had killed an Iraqi who was supplying insurgents from across the Syrian border.[35][36]
Syria accused the U.S. of committing "terrorist aggression" and said that eight civilians had been killed.

Now back to the future

Wikileaks has reported that the US government has been covertly funding the Syrian opposition since 2006.[40] Special Activities Division teams are speculated to have been deployed to Syria during the uprising to ascertain rebel groups, leadership and potential supply routes.

Because, you can not know where you are going until you know where you have been.

The terrorist attack in Saint Petersburg that happened the same day as the chemical attack in Syria, and the chemical attack on Syria were both CIA black-ops. The terrorist attack in Saint Petersburg was a warning to Russian President Putin who was in Saint Petersburg at the time of the attack, meant to convey to Putin what is coming if the West is stopped from taking Syria. The chemical attack was also carried out by CIA operatives as was the Syrian chemical attack in 2012, both attacks are meant to give America the excuse to remove Assad. Which we've been trying to do since 1949. This time it is Assad's son but the same CIA tactics are being used.

Syria did not gas their own citizens in 2012 or in 2017 but the CIA did. Obama waffled when Russia got involved. Poor Trump hasn't even had the time to settle into the White House and the CIA decided that Assad had to go. The idiot that the CIA sent into Saint Petersburg only managed to detonate one of his devices but the chemical attack has gone exactly to plan. Syria can deny all day long that they had anything to do with it and no one will believe them. Our allies will back up our version of the chemical attack because that's where the money is. You want to know the truth just...


So who profits from WWIII? Who profits from removing Assad / Syria? It's not Russia, is it? We the people sent Obama to end the wars, didn't we? But instead, not only are we still in Iraq and Afghanistan but Obama got us into Libya and Syria. So what the fuck just happened?

PART II coming soon.


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