Trump to finish the Game - America attacks Assad

Trump to finish the Game
By Christopher R Rice

Does anyone else remember "the Bay of Pigs"? If not here is a short refresher course. Cuba was run by a ruthless dictator who sold his country to the highest bidder, stuffed the loot in Swiss bank accounts and turned the island into the new Vegas and the peasants into prostitutes. I am of course talking about US backed president Batiste who fled Cuba when Castro swept to power.

If you think I'm making any of this up I'd suggest you start your search with Wikipedia and check their links in the sources. But what does the Bay of Pigs that took place decades ago have to do with today and Assad? Um, everything. May be you also remember the CIA admitting to helping overthrow Iran and install the Shah who ran the country with an iron fist and sold his country out to big oil while stashing the loot in Swiss unnumbered bank accounts.

The CIA has been trying to dispose of Assad's father and now his son since before the 1950's. Look it up, you have a search engine, right? So lying to you would be pointless, right? What I am telling you is fact. Americans have used the excuse that Assad was too friendly to Russia. An excuse we use when the CIA is helping American businesses get lower than fair market prices for other countries resources or labor.

What did Assad have that America wanted? Unfortunately, Syria stands dab in the middle where Saudi Arabia wants to build a pipeline to supply oil to Europe and thereby cut off Russia's main consumer of natural gas.

Now, let me be very clear. Obama claimed his campaigns were funded by small individual donors but a simple computer fact check at reveals that Obama's top contributors were Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs. What does this have to do with Syria and Donald Trump? We the people, if you recall sent Obama to the White House to end the wars, not to get us involved in Libya and Syria so what the hell happened folks?

It is very simple. I've posted it here many times but as four star General Wesley Clark told us back during the Bush / Cheney administration "they plan on removing seven Muslim countries." He named which seven and they are the same countries that the US is attacking. The same countries having supposed "civil-wars" and revolutions but the truth is much further from anything that we have ever heard.

Back to the Bay of Pigs and remember all of the plots that the CIA came up with? If not look it up because it is common knowledge to any junior history buff. One of the worst ideas the CIA came up with was to shoot down a US commercial airliner and blame Castro, giving JFK the excuse necessary to attack and remove Castro. Cooler minds prevailed and the disastrous Bay of Pigs plan was chosen instead.

Anti Castro CIA trained fighters attacked the beach head and JFK was suppose to launch aerial bombings of Cuba to guarantee the success of the CIA fighters. Most of you should remember what happened next, JFK chickened out and did not launch airstrikes against Cuba. The CIA fighters were captured or slaughtered on the beach. The Intelligence community blamed JFK and feared that his brother and cousin would lock up the White House for decades. JFK fired the head of the CIA and in retaliation the CIA shot JFK in his face and blamed some nut with a Sears and Roebuck rifle.

So when we the people sent Obama to the White House the real powers in this country said to Obama something like this... we are in the middle of taking out seven Muslims countries and we are not leaving Afghanistan, ever. Then they told Obama that he could never close Gitmo either and he wouldn't even be allowed to pick a Supreme court justice even if a spot opened up. But he could win a second term and pass ObamaCare.

But they wanted Syria and the other countries on their list. And it was Obamas job to get Syria and Libya and hold Afghanistan. Obama did what JFK refused to do, Obama bombed Syria back into the stone ages so that it is not even recognizable and thousands upon thousands of citizens have been displaced and had to flee. 

I'm sure that you do not like these facts but again before you attack the messenger do a simple search engine check of anything that I have or am about to tell you and see if it's the truth or not. Do your own research and make up your own mind.

ISIS attacked Syrian civilians with chemicals back in 2012 and it was Obamas job to remove Assad because that is who they blamed, for the chemical attack, Assad. Even though ISIS had bragged about stealing the chemicals and had threatened to use them against civilians and since has. But Obama chickened out. He didn't think that he could pull it off and chose a covert war with an overt war against ISIS, instead. This got Obama into a lot of hot water and the powers that really control shit decided that another Democrat would not take the White House in 2016 unless Obama could deliver Assad's severed head on a silver platter. Obama did not deliver and the rest is history.

Now remember that and the reason that Obama chickened out was Russia's involvement. So the new presidents job was what? Cozy up to Russia because as soon as they could get Trump into the White House it was ISIS's job to launch another chemical attack against civilians and blame it on Assad so that Trump could finish what Obama started.

I know Americas great and we would never do such things but if you don't believe me what about a four star general or any of the other hundreds of sources you will find by doing a simple search engine check?


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