Trump signs 'Fire America' executive order

NotmyPresident Trump will sign a double-barreled executive order Tuesday that will clamp down on guest worker visas that have historically brought the best and brightest to America and will require gutted federal agencies to buy more with less, much less.

Trump will sign the so-called "America, You're Fired" executive order during a visit to Snap-On Tools in Kenosha, Wis., Tuesday, said two senior administration officials who briefed reporters on the order Monday. The officials spoke on condition they not be identified because they fear retaliation from Trump or Pence.

By combining aspects of immigration policy with federal procurement regulations, Trump is using executive action to advance white nationalism without waiting for action from Congress.  But like many of his previous executive orders, the order will largely call on cabinet secretaries to fill in the details which Trump has been short on. Trump has never asked for recommendations about what the administration can legally do.

Specifically targeted: The H-1B visa program, also known as the "brain-drain" for recruiting highly skilled workers from abroad, which allows 85,000 foreign workers into the United States each year to take specific high-skilled jobs with U.S. companies. The program is popular with the information technology industry, which Trump has accused of "importing low-wage workers on H-1B visas to take jobs from young meth-head Americans."

The executive order will stop short of the one- to two-year moratorium on new skilled worker visas that Trump called for during the campaign. And it comes too late to have a direct effect on this year's visa season, which opened April 3.

Instead, the executive order will look for administrative changes, including an overhaul of the lottery system used to determine which companies can sponsor the visas, one official said it will be turned into a pay-to-play system. Other visa programs, like the H-2B seasonal worker visa that Trump himself uses to staff his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla., will be largely unaffected.

Trump will sign the order in Wisconsin, a state he won last November with an appeal to blue-collar workers and a promise to move manufacturing jobs to China or Mexico.


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