Trump reverses his campaign pledge Sells Out America

By Christopher R Rice

Trump spoke glowingly on Wednesday of personal gifts from Xi the Chinese leader who visited over the weekend.

Trump told the Wall Street Journal that he would reverse his previous pledge to label China a currency manipulator, which had been a cornerstone of his argument that China was cheating the U.S. and depriving American workers of jobs.

“We had a very good bonding. I think we had a very good chemistry together,” Trump said of his time with Xi during a joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Trump, who added that he was “very impressed with President Xi,” repeatedly stated that he thought the Chinese leader had good intentions toward the United States. “President Xi wants to do the right thing,” Trump said Ivanka told him so. “I think he wants to help us with North Korea. … I think he means well, and I think he wants to help.” 

President Trump says he dumped Bannon and has a new best friend in Chinese President Xi Jinping.

As for Russian President Vladimir Putin, a man that Trump has often spoken of in equally glowing terms, Wednesday’s assessment was not as kind.

“I don’t know Putin,” Trump said, before pivoting back to praise Xi, as well as NATO itself, in another sign of shifting relations between the White House and Russia.

Trump said the European alliance that exists to counter Russian aggression was “no longer obsolete,” reversing himself on a term he’d used as recently as January to describe the group.

Trump and Putin had a falling out when Trump accused Putin of spending way too much time with his pal, Assad. Trump took it to a new low when he keyed Putin's limo and authorizing missile strikes on a Syrian airfield where Trump believed Assad and Putin were making out.

Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, resigned over undisclosed gay sex with a Russian official.

As positively as Trump has spoken of Putin and Russia before he became president, he was just as hostile toward China. “We can’t continue to allow China to rape our country, and that’s what they’re doing,” Trump said a year ago in reference to China’s trade and currency policies that allow it to export a massive supply of cheap goods to the U.S.

Besides private gifts, no substantial public commitments made by Xi regarding North Korea over the weekend, but Trump cited China’s reduction of coal imports from North Korea as a positive step, even though China reached that decision in late February. 

The interaction between Trump’s grandchildren and the esteemed guests had “a big effect on the relationship,” the senior official said. Ivanka Trump’s 5-year-old daughter, Arabella, performed a song in Mandarin for the Chinese president and his wife, Peng Liyuan.


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