Trump lashes out after Tax March protest: ‘The election is over!’

By Christopher R Rice
President Trump took to Twitter early Sunday morning to wish a “Happy Easter to everyone!” He then took swipes at the tax day marches around the country that featured thousands of protesters demanding the president release his tax returns.

“I did what was an almost an impossible thing to do for a Republican-easily won the Electoral College!” Trump tweeted. “Now Tax Returns are brought up again?”

“Someone should look into who paid for the small organized rallies yesterday,” he added. “The election is over!”

Throughout his young presidency, Trump has frequently rehashed campaign-related controversies that other presidents would have long let go. Earlier this month, Trump knocked his former rival from the Democratic primary debates. (“Did Hillary Clinton ever apologize for receiving the answers to the debate?” he tweeted. “Just asking!”)

Yes, the highly questionable tampered with election is over. I don't think asking to see the presidents taxes are too much to ask. If you have nothing to hide it shouldn't be an issue.

It's funny he accuses this issue of now coming back, when it never went away. The whole time since the election people including some Republicans have called for his returns. I know people who attended one of the march's and they certainly were not "paid", they heard about it on social media and attended. Over 1 million women marched in the "women's march". Is it hard to believe 120,000 would march for this, of course not. Trump made a promise on several occasions, to release his tax returns if he won the White House. This is not about "the election being over". This is about sticking to your words, a man is only as good as his word. Trump is the only president in modern history to not release his taxes. Can you imagine what Republicans would have done if Obama did this? They would accuse him of everything under the sun.

Chump supporters have nothing to bitch about, they have a republican house, republican senate and a republican chump. Liberals can't help you with your personal stupidity. So, why are you still angry?

Trump wants to know who paid for the protests? As if there's not a legitimate, public interest in the president being transparent about his finances. Nobody is being paid to protest Donnie...people really do hate you that much. Are we great yet?!

If you wanted to see Obama's BC you should want to see Trumps taxes! So many right-wingers seem to think politics is all about scoring points over the "other team" ... and rubbing things in "the other side's" faces. That's the lowest, least mature form of political engagement. We're not in high school anymore. Forget the tribal "US versus THEM" mentality. Address the substance: How would you feel if a Democratic president refused to release their taxes after promising they would? Why don't you feel that way now? Why the different standards for the different "teams"?

The same Trump who said he'd release his taxes after the election and the same WH that just agreed to sell your browsing history won't disclose visits to WH to protect privacy of lobbyists. Swamp wins again.

Never forget, A man is only as good as his word.

May 10, 2016: "I'll release. Hopefully before the election I'll release." - Don Mar Lago


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