Putin says expect more 'fake' gas attacks

By Christopher R Rice

Reuters - President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that Russia had information that the United States was planning to launch new missile strikes on Syria, and that there were plans to fake chemicals weapons attacks there.

Putin, standing alongside Italian President Sergio Mattarella who was in Moscow for talks, said Russia would tolerate Western criticism of its role in Syria but hoped that attitudes would eventually soften.

When asked whether he expected more U.S. missile strikes on Syria, he said:

"We have information that a similar provocation is being prepared ... in other parts of Syria including in the southern Damascus suburbs where they are planning to again plant some substance and accuse the Syrian authorities of using (chemical weapons)."

Our position is that Assad regime used chemical weapons in order to provoke a response from the US -whether that response would be inaction or bombing. If I put myself in Assad's place and think under what scenario would I use chemical weapons... that scenario is not that I am winning the ground game and ISIS and other rebel groups are in retreat. This just doesn't make any sense.

Why would Assad gas his own people at this point? He's made serious gains in the war with Russia's help. There's no strategic value in gassing his own people. Trump acted rashly without conducting a full investigation first.

What does this tell us? It tells us that the high ups are controlling information and weaponizing the media. They are not representing our interests. The elites, are protecting their own. The people, are on their own. Having neither a state which defends their interests, or a free press, they will now be used as pawns to fight another war for oil.

Putin is not offering proof, but neither is the US or the EU to show that it was an Assad crime and not a false-flag event. After all, what in the world could Assad possibly gain? He was already winning on the battlefield and he must realize that it would not be well-received. I can think of plenty of parties which would be well-served by such a false flag event, including the Islamist rebels.

Philip Giraldi, former CIA and DIA officer, says that “military and intelligence personnel,” “intimately familiar” with the intelligence, say that the narrative that Assad or Russia did it is a “sham,” instead endorsing the Russian narrative that Assad’s forces had bombed a storage facility. Giraldi’s intelligence sources are “astonished” about the government and media narrative and are considering going public out of concern over the danger of worse war there. Giraldi also observes that the Assad regime had no motive to do such a thing at this time.

Fake or not someone should tell Syrians to wear gloves when handling bodies exposed to chemical weapons. Read: "Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA" by Tim Weiner. We employ people in our intelligence services who are ruthless, have no consciences, and know no boundaries when it comes to the depths of depravity to which they will sink to advance their agendas.

We have no business being there. We continue to waste money defending Israel's interest to remove Assad. Israel must pay for those cruise missiles and all our operations in Syria.

Sadly, most people can't think for themselves. They believe everything they see on TV and have a short term memory. They really think everything in DC is on the level. That they care about the children!! That is a smokescreen. Trump's missile attack may have been about the children with him, but to his manipulators, it was strategic thinking to give a boost to Jihadist rebels who were on the retreat.

FACT: People who handle Sarin victims without gloves die. Check out the video, showing the "lifesavers" in Idlib. It would have been too easy to assess if the bombs contained or not chemical material. Analyze the bomb debris on the site. It has NOT been done. No UN, American, British or other investigator set foot in Idlib.

Has Trump said ANYTHING about Mosul, Iraq? Wasn't he "horrified" by the 200 death toll of US airstrikes? Isn't he "horrified" that the US coalition-schmoaltion has made another 500,000 refugees fleeing Mosul? No one has shown him photos of the 38 children killed by US air strikes there?

WE are being lied to. None of the pundits, armchair generals, or chicken-hawks have provided any motive for why would Assad use chemical weapons when he is winning the war. All Al Qaiad has to do now is fake another gas attack and voila, we immediately become Al Qaida's air force and Navy. Sad times indeed.

Trump you weren't elected to fight Syria. You were elected to ban Muslims and build a wall. Stop listening to neocons. There's never been any PROOF that Assad used chemical weapons either, not even in 2013. UN investigation in 2013 which found the ISLAMIST REBELS RESPONSIBLE: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-22424188 

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