Know Your Rights (Police Brutality)

Know Your Rights (Police Brutality)
By Christopher R Rice
EDITORS NOTE: The interview below is with a REAL and active police officer. The law as he sees it and how he is trained is true not just in his city but true for every city across the US. I did not edit his comments, they are word-for word.
Todays criticism of LE comes from a total misunderstanding of what is legal for police to do and what isn't. The real problem is not police brutality but the laws that allow cops to do whatever.

To help Americans understand,
Underground Newz (UN) interviewed a police officer, USLEO an active member of the US police.

UN: First, it appears that LE really doesn't respect our Constitutional rights. Do American citizens have any protections against LE?

USLEO: Police do not need probable cause to investigate someone or conduct a trash pull (dumpster diving for evidence).

Search warrants are based on the totality of the circumstances and a judge determines if those circumstances rise to the level of probable cause.

My main point is that the criticism of police, especially on Underground Newz, stems from ignorance of the law and criminal procedure. You see an officer punch someone in the face, disregarding all of the facts and circumstances surrounding the arrest, and say, "Oh, that looks bad. He can't do that! POLICE BRUTALITY!" When, in reality, the officer's force is reasonable and legal.

LE beating up someone's grand mother for dementia

UN: How much force is legal according to your bosses and training?

USLEO: The concept of using force "one step above" that of the suspect has no basis in law. Officers are not required to use the least amount of force necessary to affect an arrest. In fact, police are often trained to use as much force as is reasonable to more quickly affect the arrest to decrease the overall danger.

I think a lot of people have a problem with LE because they don't know why we do the things we do and they don't know the laws behind it.

Kelly Thomas beaten to death by LE

UN: How much force would you say is unreasonable?

USLEO: There is nothing unreasonable, and I challenge you to find any case law to the contrary, about an officer using hard handed tactics against an actively resisting subject.

I am absolutely saying that those officers' actions were reasonable. The suspect was not under control. Once he was, all force stopped.

This is a felony suspect who fled from police and was physically resisting arrest. There's nothing wrong with using grappling techniques and strikes to gain compliance and get the suspect under control. There is no safe way to run from the police or resist arrest.

LE attempting to put a pregnant woman into a choke hold

UN: So is there any amount of force that would be illegal under US laws?

USLEO: No, we do not have to fight fair, use a minimal amount of force, or try to prevent injury to the suspect.

Ignorance of the law makes a lot of people think that police are doing something wrong. People often think that I can't talk to a juvenile without their parent's permission. Not true. People also think we can't use force against juveniles. Again, not true.

LE kills 12 year old Tamir Rice for having a BB gun

UN: As US citizens do we have any rights under the law?

USLEO: I don't have to read you your rights, give you a phone call, use as little force as possible, tell you your charges or explain anything to you whatsoever.

I don't know what kind of experience you have with defensive tactics, martial arts, or fighting. Being in a real-life fight, with no rules, where your opponent has everything to lose is very unpredictable. You can go from winning to losing in a split second. You can't tap out and if you make a mistake the suspect could end up with access to your weapons.

In a case, where the suspect has demonstrated by fleeing that he is not going into custody willingly and an officer comes up and sees that the suspect is resisting arrest and begins punching him in the face, this invokes pain compliance and disorientates the suspect. The goal is not to cause as little pain or injury to the subject as possible, it is to affect the arrest and get the subject under control. By using a high level of force to overwhelm the subject the arrest can be made with less risk to the officers.

Woman strip searched on side of highway by LE looking for non existent drugs

UN: It sounds like under US law, citizens are mere slaves?

USLEO: It's very simple. If a police officer tells you to do something and you don't, we will force you to do it. That's how the law works.
UN: Here at Underground Newz we keep hearing reports about people getting pulled over for a stop sign or speeding and getting robbed by the police, is that possible?

USLEO: You act as if asset forfeiture hasn't been going on for hundreds of years. It's not illegal to have $2 million in cash concealed in the gas tank of your vehicle, but if I find it and I have evidence that it is the proceeds of illegal activity, why would I let you keep it?
Unarmed homeless veteran murdered by LE for camping

UN: US citizens don't seem to have any real rights under our laws, is anything protecting us from gun happy racist pigs?

USLEO: Police officers may use deadly force in four situations:

1) to prevent serious bodily harm or death to themselves.
2) to prevent serious bodily harm or death to another person.
3) to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.
4) to apprehend a fleeing felon where the officer has a reasonable belief that the suspect poses a serious threat to the public or law enforcement.

None of those require a person to be armed.
Michael Brown murdered by LE for a pack of cigars, not even a scratch on the police officer, claimed he was attacked

UN: You mentioned something earlier about how this doesn't just apply to the domestic population?
USLEO: I said that I know someone in the military who has told me disturbing stories of how they shoot people when clearing a structure and then go back and kill any survivors. They have also told me stories of practicing first aid on wounded combatants, saying, "I think he's gonna make it" and then shooting them in the head.

UN Basically, what this police officer is telling us is that if your mom, wife or child has a mental issue and the police are called, the police officers concern is not for the safety of your mother, wife or child but only for themselves. And, your mom, wife or child will be met with the greatest amount of violence required to make them comply. Consequently, under current US laws, any one of us might be legally killed by a cop for something as simple as disorderly conduct.


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