How the CIA created Drug Cartels worldwide

How the CIA created Drug Cartels worldwide

Anyone ever wonder how the CIA controls the global drug trade? How did the drug cartels come to be? I've wrote extensively about the CIA and drugs here, here and here. And here. But, I do not think that I have ever covered how this all started.

The CIA's excuse to themselves and to the Presidents that they claim to serve, even though it is the other way around, has always been that they were fighting Communism. And of course everyone knows from our years of brainwashing that Communist don't fight fair and consequently the CIA would need an off-the-books funding source. Not to mention the inherit racism that went with importing drugs into the poor colored neighborhoods while enforcing a draconian drug war that sent every black man in America to prison for a very long time.

To facilitate a global drug trade the CIA created militias around the world with the official story that they were to fight Communist if they could ever find one. To help the official story the CIA planted articles in the media claiming that Communist were everywhere. On top of that the CIA committed acts of terrorism around the world and then blamed those heinous acts on Communist.

The military industrial complex loved this. Big banks loved this. And Wall Street celebrated wildly. The funds for these militias would need to be self generating but how is soldier of fortune suppose to fund a counterinsurgency? Drugs solve a lot of problems. And politicians who are complicit can always claim ignorance. The CIA can disown, disavow, blacklist, intimidate, threaten anyone that dares expose anything.

Let's take a closer look: (Why? You might ask. Because history repeats.)

A 1972 car bombing in Peteano, killed three paramilitary police and was blamed on leftists, after which 200 Communists were immediately arrested. There were no police investigations of the scene, and the official report was a forgery4. In fact, it was perpetrated by a right-wing terrorist named Vincenzo Vinciguerra5, operating under CIA orders, who later confessed to the crime. Vinciguerra's testimony reveals that it was easy to escape and remain hidden because everyone in the security apparatus shared his anti-Communist convictions.

When ex-Prime Minister Andreotti finally testified in 1990, he revealed that arms and equipment were provided by the CIA and placed in 139 underground caches across the country. General Giandelio Maletti, a former head of Italian counterintelligence, in March 2001 confirmed the CIA involvement. He stated that after the Piazza Fontana bombing in 1969, pieces of a bomb were planted in a leftist editors villa in order to blame the communists. He stated:

"The CIA, following the directives of its government, wanted to create an Italian nationalism capable of halting what it saw as a slide to the left, and, for this purpose, it may have made use of right-wing terrorism.”9

During the Cold War, Turkey shared a third of the total borders with the Soviet bloc and maintained the largest standing army in Europe, and the second in NATO after the United States. In 1952, a stay-behind army was organized under the codename 'Counter-Guerrilla'.

Prominent credible human rights organizations, Kurdish leaders, and local Kurds asserted that the government acquiesces in, or even carries out, the murder of civilians... Human rights groups reported the widespread and credible belief that a Counter-Guerrilla group associated with the security forces had carried out at least some 'mystery killings'".12

American journalist Lucy Komisar, when asking U.S. officials about investigating the human rights reports, was told “That's classified.” The Turkish military would likewise block all investigations in their country.13

Much of the violence was directed at the Kurdish minority. In 1984 the Counter-Guerrillas were behind the brutal crackdown that would kill and torture thousands over the next 5 years. Among other operations, Counter-Guerrillas would dress up as PKK members (A Kurdish political party) and attacked villages, raping and executing people randomly.15 

The evidence of Gladio operations in Turkey reveal another important link: The collusion between paramilitary forces and drug traffickers. At the time (and to this day), Turkey served as a major hub in the smuggling of drugs into Western Europe, from the Southeast Asian 'Golden Triangle' and later the Middle East. It is likely that drugs served as a significant source of funding for these decentralized operations and was the catalyst for a bond between the state and the criminal underworld that ensured massive corruption in the country that exists to this day. After all, we know that the Gehlen Organization was involved in the black market in the area to raise extra funds for their intelligence operations. It seems that this practice spread throughout the web of 'stay-behind' armies financed and armed by the CIA and NATO.

One of the countries that suffered the most from the Cold War terrorism groups was Greece, the country with perhaps the most significant propensity for the rise of a natural leftist coalition. Former CIA agent and Gladio whistleblower Philip Agee claimed that:

The Greek-American CIA officer recruited several groups of Greek citizens for what the CIA called ‘a nucleus for rallying a citizen army against the threat of a leftist coup’ … Each of the several groups was trained and equipped to act as an autonomous guerrilla unit, capable of mobilizing and carrying on guerrilla warfare with minimal or no outside direction.”17

These groups were equipped with automatic weapons and small mountain mortars stashed in underground caches throughout the country.18

The group was involved with the 1967 coup, where leftists were widely reported to have large leads in the polls. As NATO orders were to prevent any type of leftist 'insurgency', the group took over the Greece Defense Ministry, rolled into Athens, took control of communications centers, Parliament, the Royal Palace, and arrested over 10,000 people, many of whom were tortured.19

Operation Gladio is not just some ancient history. Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti confirmed that the last coordination meeting he was aware of was held in 1990.21 It has to be noted that this was a period of time where terrorism was evolving, moving towards the widespread radical Islamic terror that bombards our television screens daily, just 3 years before the first World Trade Center bombing and two years after the creation of Al-Qaeda. At the same time the geopolitical strategies of the United States were moving away from Europe and towards the Middle East. Unfortunately, the available information on Operation Gladio raises more questions than it answers.

Although the CIA and NATO have steadfastly refused to acknowledge the existence of Gladio, giving them deniability from ever having to disclose documents related to the operation, the existence of these fascist and violent underground networks has been acknowledged by the governments of nearly every NATO country. Furthermore, official documents in German, Dutch, French and Italian confirming the network, its organization and practices have been declassified.20


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