Chinese Leader gifts Donald Trump with 21 underage Hookers

By Christopher R Rice

I've watched our so called leaders make promises or as I see it, lie to our faces over and over. Obama promised to get tough on trade with China when he campaigned in '08 but when he got into office the Chinese threatened to stop buying T-notes (treasury bonds that we pay for through our taxes/debt) and the Treasury Secretary Timothy I cheated on my taxes Geithner, I think was his name, had to run to China and offer up his anus or as the Obama administration called it QE2 , 3, whatever.

I never understood how Obama could promise sweeping "change" and then turn around and promote everyone from the last administration from Petraeus on down, but that's American democracy for you, nothing but a sham. Prove me wrong and tell me that Gitmo is closed. 

So when Trump started making promises about NAFTA and trade surpluses with China all I heard was Bush Sr. saying "Read my lips, no new taxes." But, I didn't expect this charlatan to fold so quickly after all that tough talk, so I did some digging. Checking the flight logs is pretty easy. It turns out that the President of China does not regularly fly with a bunch of underage hookers but on the day that he traveled to Florida to meet President Trump he had 21 hookers on board and some of these were underage. These girls were temporarily "gifted" to President Trump upon the Chinese leaders arrival.

I understand that one of these young ladies has stayed behind as Trumps personal mistress and was responsible for talking Trump out of any trade sanctions against China. According to flight records her name is Lee Kim and according to hospital records she is a 16 year old hermaphrodite, a "he-she".

All 21 of these girls came from a pool of 800 volunteers who went through rigorous training such as martial arts, hacking and basic boot camp. Young Lee Kim came in third in her class after an 8 month grueling course that most Navy SEAL's couldn't handle according to our sources.

Why report on this, it's simple, during I don't know how many wars the US is in the middle of, because I simply lost count, but during all this we sent a businessman to Washington to fix NAFTA and our trade imbalance, right, not to get us into more war. And Trump didn't come back with anything at all. On NAFTA he folded, on China he folded, and no one blows that much steam, to just turn around and fold. Trump made trade and his business savvy his main asset and reason to vote for this admitted womanizer in the first place. But Trump got us nothing, not one concession, nothing, nada, zip, zilch, the big goose egg. What happened to the "Art-of-the-Deal" man? The only deal here is that you lied to get elected. Will the people continue to allow politicians to get away with this? Lining up like trained seals at the voting booth or will the people finally go on strike and take their country back from special interest and secret PAC's? Only time will tell.

Nah, the people can't wait to get fooled again. Remember "No child left behind"? What a joke and Americans are just dumb enough to fall for it every time. They didn't dumb down the American education system and brainwash us with corporate media for nothing you know. The people are hopelessly reliant upon a government that threw them under the bus decades ago. Brainwashed that voting is the only way out of this mess but every politician has been bought and paid for, leaving us in a vicious cycle of digging ourselves deeper in. With no way out.


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