Underground Newz: Trumps Tax Returns Disclosed

Underground Newz: Trumps Tax Returns Disclosed
By Christopher R Rice Special thanks to Randall Lane

Tax returns for 2015 show that out of over 500 businesses owned by the Republican nominee, all of them are heavily leveraged or deep in debt. Donald J. Trump's net worth is actually only about $750 million in US dollars (versus the $2.7 billion FORBES estimated and the $10 billion Trump fancied).

When reached for comment, Trump said: “Underground Newz is doing everything they can, possibly, to make me look as bad as possible.” (You can fact check that, it's all true.)

The richest man ever to run for President oversees a skeletal operation, based on gut instincts and free media. “I literally have spent $54,000 on my campaign,” says Trump. “Other people spent $20 million, $25 million.”

Then Trump said he could sell his stake in Trump Tower for $2 billion or $2.5 billion or $3 billion. When an extra $1 billion is created that easily (much less the difference compared with our appraisal for the building of $530 million), it’s easy to see how he conjures $10 billion.

“I think you’re trying to make me as poor as possible,” says Trump, whose campaign filings claim that this year alone his worth has risen from $8.7 billion ($3.3 billion of that from brand goodwill) to more than $10 billion. Over the course of our interview, he raises that to “much more than 10 billion” and says that another “respected magazine that’s coming out” is going with $11.5 billion.

“You’re gonna look bad,” he adds.

And at the end of our interview he asks if I have a headline in mind for the story. I tell him, truthfully, that I don’t. Then I ask him what he would suggest. The populist turn President, with the alleged billionaire’s bank account, barely pauses to think: “The King.”

229 Republicans Voted Last Night to Prevent You from Ever Seeing Donald Trump's Tax Returns
By Associated Press

House Republicans have blocked an attempt by Democrats to force #NotMy President Donald Trump to release his tax returns to Congress.

Democratic Rep. Bill Pascrell of New Jersey said Monday that Congress has a responsibility to hold the executive branch "to the highest standard of transparency to ensure the public interest is placed first."

Pascrell and other Democrats said the tax returns also would help lawmakers and the public determine whether Trump has any investments in Russia.

Trump has said he has no investments in Russia, and Democrats acknowledged they have no evidence otherwise. They said that is one reason they want to obtain access to Trump's returns.

The Republican-controlled House on Monday approved Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's motion to postpone indefinitely Pascrell's proposal. The vote was 229 to 185.

EDITORS NOTE: You gawd damn fucking pussies are just going to allow this aren't you? The American voter is a little bitch! You know the allege billionaire has something to hide but just like Bush's WMD and Obama's drone baby killing machine the American voter won't do a gawd damn thing will you, pussies. I knew it, told you a long time ago, he won't release his taxes and his promises are like ObamaCare, sure it looks like it's going to help voters but his policies will only benefit the rich and the powerful. Americans are the biggest suckers on the planet. Don't get me wrong, Clinton or Trump was not an acceptable choice and should've been cause for a revolution but you assholes marched into the voting booths and voted for one of those two assclowns and now you will suffer for your sins. 


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