The Bitter Truth about Fake News

The Bitter Truth about Fake News
By Christopher R Rice

Want some real news? Might I suggest watching some PETA videos. Matter of a fact, this stuff is real educational, so get the kids, get the popcorn and let's watch some PETA videos together shall we? "You can't handle the truth."

Want some real news? Try LiveLeaks. You can watch the videos released by Bradley Manning and decide for yourself if he was "aiding the enemy" or trying to get the truth out as he claims. But we already know that "You can't handle the truth."

So why do you cry about fake news and then just make shit up. Are all right wingers conspiracy nuts or what? Somehow that idiot in the desert that chases little green men around is now seen as the source of all truth but tell me this, when was the last time that Alex Jones was right about anything from Jade Helm to FEMA camps? Um, how about, NEVER. But you continue to quote this lunatic as if he speaks Gospel. "You can't handle the truth."

What happens when people stick their necks out to get the truth out? Does America stand up and protect it's heroes?

Pentagon rushes to silence the truth
June 13, 2010
It has the ingredients of a spy thriller: an American military analyst turned whistleblower; 260,000 classified government documents; and rumours that the world's most powerful country is hunting a former hacker whom it believes is about to publish them.

Pentagon and State Department officials are desperately trying to discover whether Bradley Manning, a US army intelligence officer currently under arrest in Kuwait, has leaked highly sensitive embassy cables to, an online community of some 800 volunteer cyber experts, activists, journalists and lawyers which has become a thorn in the side of governments and corrupt corporations across the globe.

Reports in the US say officials are seeking to apprehend Julian Assange, the website's founder who has pioneered the release of the kind of information the mainstream media are either unwilling or unable to publish.


Americans are fake ass bitches who lie to their own wives, children and bosses everyday. And that my friends is the real reason why no one trust anyone in this fucked up hell hole where even public education ranks 29th. Fuck the American people they are bitches, boot lickers and ass kissers. Fuck everyone of them, fuck all Americans. And fuck you too, you little bych. Love Chris


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