Bring the Pain

Ides of March trifecta may bring more change
By Sue Chang

As much as Julius Caesar’s assassination on the Ides of March signaled an inflection point in Roman history, March 15 may also mark a watershed moment for the U.S. stock market with the Federal Reserve poised to seek closure to its loose monetary policy regime.

“The coming week has the potential to be huge for trading opportunities,” said Colin Cieszynski, chief market strategist at CMC Markets, in a note. “Everything centers around the Ides of March…with a number of key developments coming out both on [March] 15 and 16.”

Bring the Pain
By Christopher R Rice

Hello, I've produced several dozen articles (below) and waited patiently until the 15th to publish them. I have three goals, some long term some short. First I'd like to bring the pain to Google as I've already been doing. I'd also like to create "a crisis of confidence" in the system. And I'd like to remove James Comey from office.

I will accomplish all of this with or without your help, if you wish to participate you can help me bring the hammer down even harder by:

1.) Re-post these articles (below) into your social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc.

2.) Post these articles/links into forums, email to your contacts, post in comments.

3.) Text your contacts or do random text with this message: Welcome to the Underground

4.) Write on cardboard and hang/nail to telephone poles.

5.) Search these article in any SE, when you find them, click open and share.


Welcome to the Underground
(How to) Make Black Powder at home
(How to) Potassium bomb
(How to) Make dynamite
(How to) Calcium carbide bomb
(How to) Hand 2 Hand (Kill a man)
(How to) Hindenburg bomb
(How to) Light bulb bomb
(How to) Radar jamming
(How to) Fertilizer bomb
(How to) School bomb
(How to) Mailbox bomb
Chemical equiv. list
(How to) Book bomb
(How to) Pipe bomb
(How to) Homemade firecrackers
(How to) Detect / Locate / track police /LE
Underground self Defense
(How to) CO2 bomb
(How to) Make a landmine
(How to) Tennis ball bomb
(How to) Homemade Stinger
(How to) Rob a bank and get away
(How to) Crystal Meth Shake and bake
(How to) Money Laundering (for dummies)
35 Facts are actually Myths
Adult XXX Vacation
Adult Alternatives to Backpage
Anarchy (explained)
Arrest the President
Cops Are Corrupt Baltimore PD
Cops Are Corrupt Boston PD
Cops Are Corrupt Corona PD
Cops Are Corrupt Dallas PD
Cops Are Corrupt Fruitland PD
Cops Are Corrupt LAPD
Cops Are Corrupt Las Vegas PD
Cops Are Corrupt Long Beach PD
Cops Are Corrupt New Orleans PD
Cops Are Corrupt NYPD
Cops Are Corrupt Oakland PD
Cops Are Corrupt Wichita PD
Cops Are Corrupt York PD
Cops Are Corrupt (by city / states)
Craigslist girls Uncensored (by city / states)
Street Walkers of America (by city / state)
Sex Parties (by city / state)
Topless Protest
How to beat Stingray
LEAKED collage textbooks
Peoples Party
Snitches of America ( by city / state)
Fuck School
Fuck the Police
Fuck the US Military
Military Nudes Uncensored
CIA's Intervention in Afghanistan
Rape, Torture and Murder at Guantánamo Bay
Torture Inc. America's Brutal Prisons (with video)
WikiLeaks: The US government sent Blackwater veteran to start Syrian civil war
Who's Constitution? Are you safe? Are you free? Are you happy?
CIA's Drug Smuggling in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia


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