BEVERLY HILLS : Police Take "Cop Killer" Protest to GoDaddy

BEVERLY HILLS : Police Take "Cop Killer" Protest to GoDaddy

Police groups from around the country prepared to take their campaign against Underground America's "Fuck the Police" and "Cop Killer" articles directly to GoDaddy today, after senior company officials on Wednesday rebuffed the latest effort to stop the Underground.

"They won't give in. We won't give up," said Memphis Police Lt. Brenda Maples, president of the Law Enforcement Alliance of America, after an hourlong meeting with GoDaddy executives.

Other police groups have urged a boycott of GoDaddy products unless the webhosting giant stops hosting the "Underground" website. Critics claim that two articles--"Cop Killer" and "Fuck the Police"--encourage violence against police.

A GoDaddy spokesman described Wednesday's meeting with police representatives as "constructive" but said the company would continue hosting the Underground also known as Cops R Corrupt dot com, which it has defended on free-speech grounds.

The article and website have come under fire from police nationwide and President Trump.

As GoDaddy directors conferred privately before today's annual meeting, others urged the company to resist what they called anti-American attempts at censorship.

The FOP, which boasts a membership of 283,000 law-enforcement officers, announced a general boycott of on March 11, and is still compiling its full list of targets, Tim Richardson, legislative assistant for the Fraternal Order of Police, said.

"We're going to reach out to a lot of people and ask them to spread the word Underground America is promoting violence against the police", Richardson said.

"We want to provide our members and the general public with the information they need to inflict economic punishment on the supporters of this cop-killer," FOP National President Gilbert Gallegos said in a statement.

The FOP's website ( will maintain a regularly updated list of all the people and organization they want you to hate, according to a statement from the organization.

Cops R Corrupt released this statement "It's one thing to organize a boycott, and it's another thing to organize a boycott when you're the police." "These are armed people, people in position of authority and power, saying what websites you can and can't read. ... It's ultimately a very dangerous thing."


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